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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ferrety Friday: Observation Sleep

Chavi: So 'lexi?

Lexi: Yeah?

Chavi: Do you ever feel like you are being watched?

Lexi: <in an exasperated tone> We're ferrets Chavi... mom is always watching us.

Chavi: <with enthusiasm> I know... remember the owl wings she put on us? <tone gets more and more excited as she talks> And the pictures and the swooping in...<she starts to hyperventilate>

Lexi: <Shouting> CHAVI... calm down.  <tone back to normal> I remember... I live here too.  <shutters and says softly> Chicken feet.

Chavi: <still intense but calmer than before> She did it again... took pictures of us.. this time without us knowing.

Chavi: See... see while we were sleeping.  She took pictures of us.

Lexi: You went into the dresser again.

Chavi: Hey it is comfortable... <indignant tone> what about you?

Chavi: <taunts> you fell asleep in her work shirt.

Lexi: I like the smell of bread.

Chavi: She even got a fuller one.  She pushed back the collar and you just kept sleeping.

Lexi: As you said... I was comfortable.

*Lexi and Chavi in two of their favorite sleeping spots... I get them a lot that way... just thought I would share.*

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ferret Frenzied Friday

Hello, I know we missed last week... very very busy avoiding mom.  Yeah avoiding mom.  She had this crazy idea to make us into owls... I know nuts.  I am a ferret.  A Fer/ret... ferret, a slinky in fur not a feathered flying freak.  And now... now she is taking pictures of us with the eeevil yarn monster to show something like gifeeindoor pride... what is that?

*rolls eyes* why me... why us... help?  Next thing you know she will be making us sweaters or something.

~this part of the post was written by 'Lexi who has now been shoved aside for Chavi's rants

Well at least 'Lexi didnot have to endure the shame of wings... I know she claims something about chicken feet but there is no photographic proof.  I think it is all a hoax... *huffs* Well I did have to endure the shame of wings...

Look at that... Blech.  Sweater would be a welcome change.  Maybe a dinosaur next year.  But really an owl... mom.