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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bedroom full of Ferrets.

Well I am trying  to relearn the art of Zen in doing things.  It isn’t easy for me especially since, well how shall I put this, I am not doing so at this very moment.  I am typing this up, putting pictures on my Photobucket account playing Facebook games, and chatting with people on line, while I am knitting too.

I know roll your eyes at me, I would if I wasn’t so busy watching other things. 

But I am actually going to show some progress on what I was thinking for decorating my room.  Just a few updates since I feel a bit disorganized. 

This is what you will see when you come into my room and turn to the left.  My bed room is around ten feet by fifteen feet with a six foot by six foot walk in closet, which you will also see, or rather look into in one of the pictures.

This is my book shelf.  It is still a touch disorganized but I am working on it.  You might notice on the bottom that I don’t have much besides a basket and blanket.  Let me tell you, ferrets and things on the bottom shelf are worse than kids.  I used to keep books on bottom shelves but came back to the room and found books all toppled over so I don’t do that anymore.  It is just easier to put ferret toys down there. 

…and there is the ferrets’ cage and my closet.  What is hanging next to the closet at the moment is my corkboard but that is going to be moved soon, probably this week.  I need to get organized with my time and what I, emphasis on I, want to do.  (yes there is a ferret next to the pet carrier.)

This is my trunk; inside of it are my knitting projects.  I finally found a way to keep them in my room and not have my little fuzzies turn it into a large multi-colored spider web.  I was also thinking about putting my corkboard there to help me see what I am going to be doing or needs to be done. 

I will share one detail of my room.  It is a ferret filled room.  You see I collect ferrets.  I love them, they are my little animal.  And this shelf contains most of my collection…

You might also notice there is a Giraffe’s head on there and yes the tong is hanging out.  Why that is the head to my headless giraffe on 1-96 near Grandville Michigan.  It is a large giraffe statue that has been behind this billboard for years, but you could always see the head over the top.  Well a little over a year ago now; I saw the head wasn’t there.  Then when I looked behind the billboard I saw the body and legs and a gaping hole were the neck should attach.  It was rather traumatic.  So a friend of mine, found this giraffe puppet and made me the head for the giraffe, she added a tong and well it is a dead head of a giraffe.  I love it! So it gets a place of honor among the ferrets. 

This is the other piece that has a place of honor.  I am a Harry Potter fan and well, it was made for me.  My very own Furry Potter by Kellendraysia Studios Jessica Dubridge.  I know what it takes to make this and it is an awesome gift.  I would love another one… or even offer to commission her but I still don’t know if she would do it, or how much she would ask.  But I am looking to have one commission done a year for me.  So I might.

Now finally the piece that started it all…

Another piece gifted to me from my friend and artist Elizabeth Seelye of WonderInk.  His name is Norman and he is a handmade ceramic ferret.

Friday, July 23, 2010

String Play and Ferrets

Hey there… an update on my knitting with a little side of ferret. 

Yeah I know, not a very big post or anything real recent for the last weekish, but I do have some big stuff coming up.  I have sufficiently cleaned my room up and will be posting pictures and asking for ideas on decorating and what to do with my cork-board.  Also I want to decorate the front area of the town house for Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead.  So I soon will be posting pictures of the front door so people can see and maybe some sketches on what I am thinking.  I am on a tight, tight budget this year.  I also am over due on the picture of my wonderful haircut.  But here is the knitting experience I have been working on with movies and podcasts…

Isn’t it coming along nicely.

This is my typical knitting bag.  It has a couple of knitting books, the knitting, and all the little accessories in it that I need to do things.  I tend to, if I am out for a bit, add my iPod or computer along with a book to read. 

Next to my ‘string play’, I love my ferrets.  I love them.  Getting pictures of them is difficult.  They like to move just as you push the shutter.  So I try and get them when they are sleepy or sleeping.  I just don’t like cage bars in the shots so it takes a little finagling.


Holding the camera over the open cage top and hoping you have the right angle.  Yeah that is me…

They are slowly waking up in this one.


She just looked so cute… I had to take a picture of her.


This however is a rarity… willing to hold still for a picture full face on.  And this is ‘lexi, full name Alexia.  The other more active one is Chavi, my little bundle of springs.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hair and yarn but color all the way...

So... I am feeling okay... busy but okay.

So I would have a picture but the thing is no one besides me is here to take it and I don't like how the other pictures are turning out with me setting the timer or holding the camera at arms length.  Oh... I haven't told you why I want a picture of myself...
I got a hair cut.  It is short in back and she lightened up the amount of hair I have... since well I have a lot.  So she thined it out.  Julian was her name and she did a great job helping me with styling and making it an easy thing for me to do.  Because I hate complicated styles to maintain.  I am a wash and go girl  She also, 'chided' me about not using conditioner especially when I dye my hair.  *grins* Well now I have a shampoo with condioner, wash and go girl that I am.
I however now feel like I need to re-dye my hair.  The color is really really faded and the roots are massive or the hair, due to the hair cut, no longer has any of the dye.  So... I was thinking either today or tomorrow... not totally sure though.  It always is so dark at first but the way I tend to do things is that I let it go until it fades or grows out. 
Meh I will see. 
However now I am going to actually put up a picture... of my knitting project.  I think it is coming along beautifully.

Isn't it great the seamlessness of the transfer of different color yarn was perfect in my opinion.  Yeah there are two different colors of yarn there.  One is a straight rainbow and the other is what is sitting up there now greens or yellows.  Really neat looking so far.  I will probably put a beaded edge on the ends.  It is going to be a great shawl.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Harry Potter Nuttery!

Well… here is the Harry Potter post… I am nuts about it right now.  I know I know it might just be a lark but I do want to put up some ideas I have… see what people think.

I am reading Harry Potter and the Sorceress’ Stone watching the movies and thinking about knitting projects.  Yeah I want to do knitting projects for Harry Potter. 

But I am wanting to go to the next two movies at the midnight shows… and I want to go dressed up.  Now the question comes whom do I dress up as.

This is me… yep in all my totally not made up look.

So I am trying to figure out whom I should dress up as, whom I would look the best as…
Delores Umbridge.

Molly Weasly
Professor Sprout
Professor Trelawny

So please put in your two cents worth, because I will want to do this right.  So… any way off I go.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well I finally got some computer work back.  I love my friends.

Now… it is time for knitting rainbows.

It started with yarn and went from there.  I wanted a shawl.  The only reason I did not do a triangular shawl is because I don’t have a long enough circular needle in the right size. 

*le sigh* 

So I went rectangular…

I like this particular pattern a lot and find it as something I am going to work with a lot.  Or maybe I will work with drop stitching a lot… one never knows what it will turn into.  But this is how far I am now… I will however finish this shawl by the end of the month.

Well now I am off… to knit further and watch Harry Potter.

Oh I am so loving Harry Potter right now.  I have gone so geeky fan girl… but that is for another post…

Tantalizing isn’t it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

gah... FCF updatedness and knitting?

Well I would be posting a picture of my knitting project but my computer is wiggy and therefore don't have my pictures downloaded.  Bummer.

But I thought also I would give a verbal/written update on my FCF. 

Was thinking about a rube goldberg machine that might be fun to make.  Something like when you turn off the lights to go to bed the shads close.  Or if you want to do something holiday related light a jack-o-lantern.  Maybe a teabag dropper... don't know for sure.  Light a fire or feed a fish.  Maybe crack an egg.  I like though the flip a switch close the blinds thing.  I think that one is my favorite... or the lighting the candle in the jack-o-lantern.  I like that one a lot too.

But alas... now it is time for me to run since I am on a barowed  computer and I should start getting ready for work.  Hopefully I will have a run of pictures and what not here soon.  Tootles.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Post Apocolyptic... FCF

   The sky was smoky gray shots of reds and orange flowed through with molten rolling turmoil.  The landscape barren and crumbling, buildings spew across broken roads.  As rumbling scraping growl shook mortar loose.  Bricks jumped across the shattered sidewalk.  Dust roiled out oozing across open expanses and around corners.  Bumping and roiling upward against walls.  A strong wind gusted through bursting away dust, clearing revealing a tangled mass of string, wood and others things unable to be identified by the naked eye.  Bright splashes of purple wrapped around yellows and reds.  Blues twisted with white and black strangled green.  It rumbled out of sight as the cloud of dust enveloped it back. 

   And that is a world over run with tangled masses of yarn and string because people ignored thier yarn.  So that is why I need new knitting needles so I can tackle my owver wealming stash of yarn.

This is my entry for Post-Apocalyptic.  I think it is a good entry creative.  I intend to make more of these little buggers.  All I have to do with them is add the pin backs.  I might eventually try to make them out of a clay but for now they are actually yarn and buttons. 

The other part to this was Smoky Fires in the Sky... a scarf that I have been working on.  Just something I am doing to keep my hands busy and me relaxed.  I would have been a little bit further if I had not lost the extra ball of orange yarn... But I have it now and am working to finish it. 

It is a wonderful drop stitch scarf... makes a neat pattern. 

I really like the combination of yarns... makes it slightly lacy but if it was only one of them then it would be very lacy.  

That is actually one of my harry potter yarns... dumbledoor I think but I am not sure, might be hedwig.

Well... I am putting up the individual pictures of the yarn monsters on my DA site... Fuzziekit-DA so go check them out.  For now enjoy all of these.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some pictues and walking.


Okay here it is... some pictures I actually took a little bit ago.  June 15th to be exact but I only now have had the opportunity to work on them and share.

A wonderful bridge in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan that is great picture taking material.  I love the color blue and this walking bridge is a great blue.

This is another spot in the walking tour that showed up.  It is a great view point.  

This is a fountain that is next to the blue walking bridge and one of my favorite places to walk in downtown.  I have a ton of other pictures of that one but I will put them up on another day.

Here is the wide shot of it.  It is actually the full wall below... the only unfortunate thing is that I can't walk right into it.  I would love to get some shots of someone actually on or in that fountain.

Another thing I like to do is look up.  Yep I saw this wonderful little bird feeder up there and thought it was a great shot, so boom there you go.  I will also have some more looking up shots coming too.  But I do not want to over flood my accounts.

Well I hope you enjoyed.  There will be more pictures and projects coming soon.  If you are interested in some of my other artistic and photographic works, check out my Deviant Art site. Fuzziekit DA Style