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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hair and yarn but color all the way...

So... I am feeling okay... busy but okay.

So I would have a picture but the thing is no one besides me is here to take it and I don't like how the other pictures are turning out with me setting the timer or holding the camera at arms length.  Oh... I haven't told you why I want a picture of myself...
I got a hair cut.  It is short in back and she lightened up the amount of hair I have... since well I have a lot.  So she thined it out.  Julian was her name and she did a great job helping me with styling and making it an easy thing for me to do.  Because I hate complicated styles to maintain.  I am a wash and go girl  She also, 'chided' me about not using conditioner especially when I dye my hair.  *grins* Well now I have a shampoo with condioner, wash and go girl that I am.
I however now feel like I need to re-dye my hair.  The color is really really faded and the roots are massive or the hair, due to the hair cut, no longer has any of the dye.  So... I was thinking either today or tomorrow... not totally sure though.  It always is so dark at first but the way I tend to do things is that I let it go until it fades or grows out. 
Meh I will see. 
However now I am going to actually put up a picture... of my knitting project.  I think it is coming along beautifully.

Isn't it great the seamlessness of the transfer of different color yarn was perfect in my opinion.  Yeah there are two different colors of yarn there.  One is a straight rainbow and the other is what is sitting up there now greens or yellows.  Really neat looking so far.  I will probably put a beaded edge on the ends.  It is going to be a great shawl.

1 comment:

  1. I would love to see how your hair looks! I am always changing my hairstyle and love changing the colour each season.

    Hope your week is fabulous-happy knitting!
    Best wishes,