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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well I finally got some computer work back.  I love my friends.

Now… it is time for knitting rainbows.

It started with yarn and went from there.  I wanted a shawl.  The only reason I did not do a triangular shawl is because I don’t have a long enough circular needle in the right size. 

*le sigh* 

So I went rectangular…

I like this particular pattern a lot and find it as something I am going to work with a lot.  Or maybe I will work with drop stitching a lot… one never knows what it will turn into.  But this is how far I am now… I will however finish this shawl by the end of the month.

Well now I am off… to knit further and watch Harry Potter.

Oh I am so loving Harry Potter right now.  I have gone so geeky fan girl… but that is for another post…

Tantalizing isn’t it.


  1. It's looking really good so far!

  2. Wow, love it! Such bright, vivid colors!! What yarn is that??