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Friday, May 28, 2010

Freely Creative Fridays: Starfall

So I managed something for the Freely Creative Fridays but it is not what I initially intended.  I wanted to put up a page or so comic, but alas time got away from me so… you get just a little bit of writing. 

FCF Starfall:
Star Souls
by t.f. kit
  “Daddy!! Daddy!!!”  A little voice excitedly squeaked.  “Starfallingup!”

   Older eyes looked down at his child, her curly hair bobbing with excitement, then up into the sky full of bright stars.  “Where honey?”  He asked softly as he came and picked her up.

   She squirmed slightly in his arms and shook her whole body in negative.  “NOoooo over there.” Her short arm pointed straight out from her body out into the field of summer flowers. 
   Confused he set his eyes towards that direction, but he did not see what she was talking about.  There was no view of the horizon here.  The trees on that side of this little meadow blocked it. 

   “THERE!”  She shouted and pointed, more firmly.

   A small chuckle came out of his chest as a glowing dot flickered to life drifted upward than down before winking out.

   “Yes dear, those are fireflies, the wandering souls of the stars.”

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coffee Cup Girl Speaks Out

   Hi there and welcome to my weekly coffee house review.  I am not going to necessarily review a coffee house this week…  because I do not have a picture of the place I want to talk about.  I want to have at the very least a front shot and hopefully they will let me take a couple of shots inside.  One never knows.  Instead I am going to enlighten you on me and coffee.  I am slightly passionate about it.
   Coffee is one of my favorite things in the world I love it.  I find it like a good wine.  I do prefer it more as an accent to foods but drinking it on its own is good too.   Now my love for coffee started way back when one of my high school friends (thank you Rebecca) started drinking it and somehow dragged me into drinking it.  This was when there were only about two coffee shops in town and a Starbucks was unheard of.    The only way I could drink it was as a mint mocha and if it was too coffee tasting, I was not overly happy.  It took time for me to start to appreciate coffee.  It like wine is an acquired taste.  I had friends who drank it and like me liked it.

   Now I am an admitted coffee snob.  I worked at a local roaster, in their retail shop and well that did me in.  I could walk back pick up a bag of warm beans, bring it up, grind it, brew it and drink it, very fresh very good coffee.  I enjoyed it.  I learned and informed myself on coffee, how to brew it what made a dark roast, different styles of brewing and what makes each flavor come out.  I was well versed, I had to be it was my job.  I was there five days a week, and I knew my stuff. 

   I will always love coffee and will always drink it now.  When I left the coffee house I gave it up, for almost a year and a half.  I was an avid tea drinker, with soda as well.  But coffee drew me back.  I doubt now that I would ever give it up again. 

   I am now surrounded by tea drinkers, people who look at coffee and ask me how I can drink that and tell me that it tastes horrible.  I simply respond, ‘it is an acquired taste, kinda like me.’ And smile.  I am a Coffee Cup Girl around Tea Shop Friends but I am okay with that. 

   Coffee is a meditation for me, much like tea is for others.  Honestly my favorite method of brewing coffee is the French press method.  Coarsely ground coffee is put in a cylinder hot water is poured over it and let to steep.  After about five to ten minutes the plunger is pressed down and the grounds are pushed, mostly, to the bottom.  Then you pour and drink.  It is in my view point the riches, fullest flavor of coffee. 

   Next week hopefully I will have a couple of good pictures and we can see what I can come up with on the coffee houses in my area, and maybe eventually when I travel.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Freely Creative Friday: Starfall

Okay still working through the kinks of running a weekly blog push, so please bear with me.

Freely Creative Friday

Last Week:

Dream a Little Dream

This Week's Push:


Now remember it could be anything that is inspired by this word.  Just have it done by Friday next and put a link in the comments.
In other news:

I will eventually work all this out; maybe do a link back to this page sort of thing, but for right now an old pickle jar, some scraps of paper with writing,  my two blogs, and a small amount of time to keep myself moving.  So as I said at the top, bear with me.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FCF-Dream a Little Dream

   Well here it is my post for the FCF... Dream a Little Dream

   Yes not a great picture but a fun one.  The story behind it is Dim Su, the ferret curled up sleeping, went to bed just wanting to rest.  Ergo dream a small little dream.  Instead a sandman, one of the masters of the dream world, got a little exuberant with his dream dust and poof, she is in the adventure of a life.  Fly, raisins, digging to China and all that other fun things.  She also has a fondness for oranges. 

   But I wanted to share... it was the first time I used a fine tipped sharpie instead of an extra fine tipped sharpie or other type of pen.  I don't know if I like the outcome that much.

   In other news for the FCF, I am on the look out for a really neat jar or container to put the little slips of paper in for the random... yes they will be random, drawing of the push.  I have glanced around a Michael's and at Hobby Lobby.  Was thinking about checking out an antique store or some place like that.  But I also need to check my basement (smiles and winks) that is a fun place to check out as well. 

   I am hoping to have a new weekly entry to go up here on Wednesdays but I just did not have everything relatively in place this week to make it happen.  So next week.  And the entries for my FCF should go up either Monday or Tuesday. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Green Toes.

   Okay, here I go with a post again... something kinda fun and updatey.  I know not a word but right now I really don't care that much. 

   I will be redoing my toes tomorrow but a little bit back I posted up about my green toes.  Well, here they are...

   Aren't they shiny and pretty.  I really like them they went very well with that pretty green shirt I got.  I would love to make my toes purple, a nice shiny purple but they very defiantly would not go with what I am going to wear.  So instead I am going to put on a wonderful pink color that I have worn before, the color I was wearing before I put this on...

    And that is what is happening in my life.

   The picture that I am doing for my FCF (Freely Creative Friday) is sketched in, being firmly penciled in and will be inked in and scanned and put up in the next few days.  Hopefully tomorrow night.  I do also have a short little storyish thing to go with it.  Kinda fun...

   Now off to finish drawing, remove nail polish, repaint the toes and may be watch a little A-Team. 
Sweet Beans!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Freely Creative Fridays... who knew!

I am feeling creative so... by next week friday I will have the first of my Freely Creative Fridays posts up...

You might be asking yourself... "what is Freely Creative Fridays?" 

Well  I will tell you what Freely Creative Fridays are. 

It is a little push to myself... a prompt I am pulling out of, well you don't want to know where and createing something... don't really have a definition of what yet and posting it up here, and a couple other places.  I am also hoping that others will join me in this endevor.

So the first 'push' is this...

Dream a little dream...

I think I can work with that.

For further information on this little craziness I am undertaking go here T.F. Kit Speaks , this is my writing journal where random brain spurts happen.  It is also where sometimes my more private thoughts happen and I need to keep that stuff a little more under wraps.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty birdies, squished birdies....

   Well here I am again... ready to chat away and talk about projects on the table.  I am still working on my mom's jacket... and it is slowly coming along.  I am having a little difficulty with the sleeve but I will get it, eventually.  And I am about to start a project of doll making.  I have the tools and I have the will, so there is going to be something coming of that here soon. 

   I however want to show everyone the weaving project I did a couple of months back.  I am working on another weaving project and will be getting that going soon but first my workshop project.  I have not made it into what I am going to make it into but I have it off the loom and it was well loved by the other weavers today when I stopped in and dropped something off to my Auntie at Threadbender. 

  When I started all I knew is that I wanted to weave cloth.  I had an idea but what came out was great too. 
   So I started out with this fabric...

   ...isn't it pretty with the blue birds and bright flowers. I mean really nice and bright.  I set up the warp (which is the part that goes on the loom) from a bright blue and a bright green thread. 
Next I cut the cloth into strips, but left about a half an inch or so at one end, so that I could line it up well enough.

   I stared to weave the strips through the warp and then send another yarn through the other way so that the blue that was the odd number threads on the warp were on top of the cloth and the green thread, that were the even number threads were on the bottom of the cloth when they were sent through.

   This is the other yarn, a fuzzy bright blue, yellow and green... quite fun..

   And this is pretty close to the cloth being done.  I think it turned out great...

   Now once I have the opportunity and the time I am going to make the beautiful fun fabric into a bag.  I don't know whom it will go to but it is going to be great.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Curent Project

Hey there... just a quick run by to let peeps know I am still working on stuff.  Fun knitting stuff and what not. 

So this is the originally going to be my mommy's 60th birthday present... but due to the fact that I just did not like what I was working with before this and finally found a yarn that I liked enough to finish with... it has become her belated 61st birthday present. 

It is going to be an Einstein Jacket from Sally Melville's Knit Stitch Book.  It is a sweater jacket based off of the sweater Einstein is famous for wearing. 

Anyway since the baby blanket was so necessary to finish this got put to the side.  All I have left to do is finish the sleeves (I am currently knitting the right one) and make up the color and put the buttons on.  It will be sooooo cool.

I however at the moment am looking for an active knitting group that I can make time for... my one I was going to is kinda going on hiatus.  *pout*  Any suggestions?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Little Ian will be wrapped in "Smiles in Peace with Love"

Okay, I am finally posting my nephew's Smiles in Peace with Love baby blanket.  I have it hanging downstairs drying after I washed it waiting for a folding and ribbon to wrap it up.  Then it is off to my brother's new home where my little newest nephew will be living.

It has taken me awhile to actually finish this blanket.  I found a free pattern on another blog that I watch and it inspired me to make a baby blanket. 

The Love a heart pattern, which I don't really have a clear picture of.

The Smiles

and finally The Peace 

So I knitted those three patterns up using a ball of each color and added filler squares...

... and found it was too small so I decided only about a week or so before the first baby shower that I was going to add a boarder.

The baby showers were a week apart and this was how far I was the day before the second baby shower.  So after three weeks.

So I sat and knitted for eight hours or more... and this is where I ended up before the baby shower...

I did finish it... it took me time but I did finish it and put it together and finally washed it.  I am very very happy... and soon it will go off to be used and loved on... and spit up on.  But first I will share so people can see it before the love is given.

So there you have it.  After a little over two months I finished, truly finished a project.  Now on to others... I am happy with it and I know that it will be loved, despite all the mistakes I know are there.