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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coffee Cup Girl Speaks Out

   Hi there and welcome to my weekly coffee house review.  I am not going to necessarily review a coffee house this week…  because I do not have a picture of the place I want to talk about.  I want to have at the very least a front shot and hopefully they will let me take a couple of shots inside.  One never knows.  Instead I am going to enlighten you on me and coffee.  I am slightly passionate about it.
   Coffee is one of my favorite things in the world I love it.  I find it like a good wine.  I do prefer it more as an accent to foods but drinking it on its own is good too.   Now my love for coffee started way back when one of my high school friends (thank you Rebecca) started drinking it and somehow dragged me into drinking it.  This was when there were only about two coffee shops in town and a Starbucks was unheard of.    The only way I could drink it was as a mint mocha and if it was too coffee tasting, I was not overly happy.  It took time for me to start to appreciate coffee.  It like wine is an acquired taste.  I had friends who drank it and like me liked it.

   Now I am an admitted coffee snob.  I worked at a local roaster, in their retail shop and well that did me in.  I could walk back pick up a bag of warm beans, bring it up, grind it, brew it and drink it, very fresh very good coffee.  I enjoyed it.  I learned and informed myself on coffee, how to brew it what made a dark roast, different styles of brewing and what makes each flavor come out.  I was well versed, I had to be it was my job.  I was there five days a week, and I knew my stuff. 

   I will always love coffee and will always drink it now.  When I left the coffee house I gave it up, for almost a year and a half.  I was an avid tea drinker, with soda as well.  But coffee drew me back.  I doubt now that I would ever give it up again. 

   I am now surrounded by tea drinkers, people who look at coffee and ask me how I can drink that and tell me that it tastes horrible.  I simply respond, ‘it is an acquired taste, kinda like me.’ And smile.  I am a Coffee Cup Girl around Tea Shop Friends but I am okay with that. 

   Coffee is a meditation for me, much like tea is for others.  Honestly my favorite method of brewing coffee is the French press method.  Coarsely ground coffee is put in a cylinder hot water is poured over it and let to steep.  After about five to ten minutes the plunger is pressed down and the grounds are pushed, mostly, to the bottom.  Then you pour and drink.  It is in my view point the riches, fullest flavor of coffee. 

   Next week hopefully I will have a couple of good pictures and we can see what I can come up with on the coffee houses in my area, and maybe eventually when I travel.

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  1. Thank you for popping in to visit today and for your comment.Nice to see you!

    I love coffee too but it was really giving me heartburn! I stopped drinking it and switched to tea only and my heartburn is gone. I put it down to to cutting out coffee and spearmint tea! I do know however, that spearmint tea is not good if you have GERD-It can actually make acid reflux worse....so can coffee!

    Take care and best wishes for a great week,