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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Well that is the tail...

Wow... I am loving this scarf.  I am loving the experience I am having with it.  Knitting it is soooo much fun for me.

I actually have the scarf part done, just have to sew up the pockets and add the buttons. Which, as we all know, takes me forever to pick out the perfect button.

Now this was after a moment of, 'what the hell happened here.'  I had a definite moment of I missed what I was doing and laughed out loud for a good couple of minutes on it. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I knitted in the cast-on tail of the scarf here, instead of adding the next ball of yarn and had to tink it out.  Now this actually isn't that abnormal to knit the cast-on tail but it is abnormal for me, so far into the scarf.  I was on the last little section of the scarf, only about five repeats of the pattern total.

Just thought I would share.  Awesome Day Blessings to you all.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The continued experience of the Artistic Slob....

Yet again I jumped in with only a partial plan on my knitting... but again that isn't anything new.

So explanation as to what the hell I am talking about... 

This is not... I repeat not a bodiless head.  It is a flaming marshmallow comet.  

I have learned through this experience I am learning how to make flat round bottoms and tops. I will continue to experiment and figure things out.  Yes I could have read more and figured more out but I love to jump in both feet and run on water.   

So I will show more as I continue to explore my toy making experience.  And I will continue to enjoy it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My journey, my bag and my plate...

Feeling a little introspective today... I know normally I keep that sort of thing over at my Livejournal blog, Fuzziekit's T.F. Kit Speaks.  But last night I listened to the last episode of the Knitajourney podcast.  And feel a little more open and creative and in away introspective about what I am doing in my creativity and art and, well, life.  So I am sharing a little more than normal here. 

Here is where I normally put my creative knitting and weaving and artistic endeavors around my home and life.  I do have my other art forum on DeviantArt, Fuzziekit's Doodles and Such , but that is what I consider more original stuff.  I have put up some knitting that I am really proud of, but mainly it is for my drawing and personally created designs.  Here I can show off stuff that I made but someone else designed and I don't feel like I am claiming credit for the design.

Then there is of course my Chavi-girl's blog, Furry Slinkies , this is where I put her adventures and maybe some of my ferret stories (not totally sure about that yet). 

So I look at my journey and I see my bag is full of stuff and it won't fit all on to my plate.  So it is a few bites of something one time and a few bites of something else another at a different time.  I, however, keep trying to do it all and it is slightly stressing me out.

I am creatively writing, pulling together stories about pirate ferrets and other stories about a girl lost in space and still another about a murder mystery involving genocide which has a side story about a hunting dog.  (Trust me this all makes sense to my brain... scary isn't it.)  So a big part of me is writing, which means my knitting muse (haven't figured out who she is yet... and yes she is a she) is not happy, because this is what is inspiring me there...

A beautiful Hooded Scarf designed by Nikki, in Stitches.  I am loving knitting this, but it isn't social knitting and that is the time I am trying to maintain for knitting and utilize my other time for writing.

Why might you ask isn't this social knitting?  Look at the detail and guess where the Purl Seven Together is...

I love it, and the person who is receiving it is loving it too, it just takes a bit of concentration.

So it is dividing my time between a lot of things now...

1. Writing... (Moosehold will be finished soon... at least part one)
2. Knitting... (because I am being inspired to do creative things that I am designing too)
3. Taking care of the house and Chavi-girl... (food, dishes, bath and litter pans... makes for full days)
4. And then there is work... (have to keep a roof over my head)

And those are the things that I am willing to talk about at this time... so a journey with a full bag and a not nearly big enough plate. 

But now that I have bent your ear enough... I am off to continue to juggle my journey... and in the words that I have picked up from Knitajourney....

Awesome Day Blessings.