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Monday, October 25, 2010

Creative Plate

Okay… this is what the loving little ferret of Chavi contributed to…

I know I know… she was just defending me… so she says.

I accomplished a lot this last week though.  I have five of the six slippers felted and needle felted (pictures will go up on Sunday).  I have been working on my Doctor Gryffindor scarf I am at 586 rows which means by Saturday night I need to be at 701.  So in five days I have 115 rows to do.  I plucked a little more at the Gypsy Shawl/Scarf.  I am almost to the point of starting to narrow.  The girls costumes are done and I did get a picture (yes they would not hold still for all the pictures so I got one… further explanation by both girls on their Friday post).

But I have a week ahead of me… I did a fair amount today so that was good, laundry got done.
Tomorrow I am going to go grocery shopping and plan out the menu for Tea and Treats before going to my Mary Kay meeting.   Wednesday is clean the kitchen before knitting group.  Thursday is start on the living room and dye up the yarn I have wanted to dye for two weeks.  *rolls eyes at self* Friday is clean up living room… hoping to finish it that day.  Saturday finish up knitting projects for the month.  Finally Sunday post knitting projects and plan out next month’s Knitting Nano (further explination to come on the first of November… mwhahahahahahaha!) and work on food and decoration for the Tea and Treats on Monday.

So individual break down of what I am hoping to accomplish this week:

1.  Finish last slipper needle felting.

2.  Finish Gypsy Scarf

3. Get Doctor Gryffindor Scarf to 701 rows

4. Post pictures of all knitting projects

5. Continue Ferret Fridays

6. Plan out next month’s projects

I think that is a full creative plate.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ferret Fridays: Now we introduce Chavi...

Well mom is almost done with the Halloween costumes apparently we are going to have to wear.  PTHTHTHTHTHT to that… I will never ever, EVER, wear a costume for anyone.  Not even mom. 

Hi I am Chavi… it means pretty girl.  My sister Alexia is over eating and I thought this would be a great opportunity to scamper on over here and tell you all what you need to encourage from mommy Deii, (it is pronounced like the letter okay… D.)  We need blankies… wonderful warm things to wrap up in and fuzzy jingly things to kill.  I want to kill that evil pink google.

It must die a horrible death…

in a dark place….

where no one will hear it scream. 

Ahem… sorry, but you must understand it is my nemesis.  Really it is, it puts to shame the color pink.

I know what you are thinking I am the one who saved mom from the evil yarn… I do it every time she leaves it where it might strangle her but it is necessary to get her to make what we need. 

So encourage her to make hammocks blankets beds and toys… not costumes and scarves.  Toys are always good… I will find you Leonardo the Turtle and I will put you with the google.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy week.... and another to come.

Yeah… I have been knitting… a lot. *grins*  I have all my slippers knitted and tomorrow I am sewing them up so that I can felt them and then start needle felting on Wednesday. 

Yeah there are three pairs there.  Cool isn’t it.

Also I took a wonderful class on Saturday for this very flowing and bohemian scarf.  The designer of it calls it a Gypsy Scarf and I like that.

This is the beginning….

….and the beads to go with it, hematite and multicolored blue seed beads.  It is so great and I think I am going to make a couple of these for presents. 

I am also hopefully on Wednesday or Thursday be able to Kool Aide dye some yarn.  I have a could idea for a story to go with it.

Also just need to finish up the girls costumes…

They are going to look great.

I did pretty good on my goals for last week… I shifted the one of the slippers and just am going for it lock stock and barrel.  The sad part is the class I was going to have tonight (Monday… I a still on Monday time) was cancelled and now I am going to shift what knitting I am working on because of it.  Less stress but a shift in plans. 

The other thing that I have been rolling around in my head is NANO, National Novel Writing Month.  It is next month and I am trying to decide if I want to participate and how much I want to participate.  I have a couple of ideas but I don’t know how hard and heavy I want to pitch it.  I am enjoying my knitting and relaxing with my blogging and journaling.  I might take a more free flowing approach to it this year but the theme of my writing I am not sure of yet.  I was thinking actually of doing some short stories either revolving around recipes or knitting experiences.  Just some thoughts I guess. 

Anyway I my accountability for this week:

1. Felt and needle felt the slippers
2.  Dye the yarn
3.  Get 50% done on the Gypsy shawl
4.  Get new yarn attached to the Dr. Gryffindor Scarf
5.  Finish girls costumes
6.  Keep up on the Ferrety Friday posts and toss around ideas for a third weekly post

I think that is a fair assessment of what I can accomplish. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ferret Firdays: A plea...

Hello, my name is ‘lexi, officially my full name is Alexia, but I prefer ‘lexi.  I think it is a handsomer name.  My sister Chavi is actually quite at the moment, but that is only because she is sleeping.

I just thought I would stop by and defend my sister, for once.  You see she decided that mom needed to not be working on the project she was working on and ran and hid the yarn attached.  The unfortunate consequence of this was that she did not hide the entire project.  It was still on the bed and the yarn was in the closet.  Mom found the yarn easily enough but the process created what mom calls a yarn monster. 

Now this did create the desired effect of having mom not work on that project but not on the project we want her to be working on.  We want her to be working on the hammocks or the wings or even maybe a bed to sleep in but now she is working on slippers. 

So I come here to implore you her readers to let her know that a hammock is a good thing to work on.  It will bring joy to the little fuzzies that we are and help us bring joy to her, because that is our job to bring joy to our mom. 

Thank you very much.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

grrr.... yarn.

I had a grrrr sort of day on Sunday.  It was just one of those days.  Just things that did not go right but it wasn't horrible either. 

My Doctor Gryffindor scarf is coming along.  I am almost 25% done.  I am at 283 rows.  However I had to stop because my lovely little furbutts found it while I was out of the room and, well, they ran and I didn't fix it right away and this happened. 

I also knitted a little bit more and created a bigger mess.  So I stopped before I would rip it all out and toss it to the winds.  I will in the next day or so pick it back up and remove the yarn monster from it and start knitting again.  I will also find a night when I just want to relax and disentangle yarn to deal with the remainder that I have there.  But that is for when I am at about 55%.

The other thing that made me go grrr was this...

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is Reason #17 for leaving work before the manager arrives in the morning:  Wardrobe Malfunction.  aka I ripped the backside of my pants out to the front.  I finished the bake wearing an apron the other way around my body.  And the thing is... I was wearing a thong. 

On a good note I am working on slippers...

They are going to be felted and needle felting will be added.  I will finish knitting this pair before I go to bed then I will cast on the next pair.  I hope to have all three pairs knitted by Friday.  *grins*

Anyway....  I hope to try and build my happy the next week again.  I don't know quite where it went.  Right now the happy is in my knitting and my ferrets, even though they made a yarn monster.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Doctor Gryffindor grows....

Almost two hundred rows. 

Yep, defiantly further on it that need be. 

Other Accountability News...

Had a rough week last week so I did not put any real accountability up... did a little bit over the weekend, got a touch over half of what I wanted done. 

This weeks goals...

1. Over 250 rows done on my Dr Gryffindor scarf (shown above)

2. Finish the experimental slipper set to see if it will work for the others

3. Knit up the girls costumes

4. Finish the posts for the roleplay

I know I can complete all of these things.  Why?  Because I am beautiful and strong and creative.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Gryffindor Doctor continues....

It was a busy good day. Of my list I got three and probably about three quarters done.

I sorted my laundry for laundry day on Monday and picked up in the room followed by cleaning the girls cage and them. 

The neatest thing about the picking up of stuff around the room is that I actually cleared off my knitting chair. 

Having ferrets means I have to keep certain things off of the floor and well the chair is a nice big place to stick stuff.  It also does not help that I don't really have a place to put my computer.  I need one of those little rolling computer stands that I can sit next to this seat and work from.

Doesn't that look more comfy. 

The other big thing I did was organize my knitting trunk, yes I have a knitting trunk.  Where projects that I am working on but don't really want to have out are stored.

There it is, all closed up so the girls don't get in it.

And there it is as a catch all like the chair.... I do that a lot unfortunately, make things catch alls. 

And there it is all organized... really it is trust me on this.  Each project has it's own bag and if I am not working on it... it does not go in the trunk.

So now I am off to sleep... I have things to do tomorrow and then I will be able to sit and knit... and knit and knit.... weeeeeee!!  I think getting up and doing dishes first thing will be the best then moving on to running around.  I need to go to Threadbender.  Then may be I can do the hand wash before sitting down and sorting through some boxes while watching the last Warehouse 13 episode and the most recent Eureka episode I missed.  I might slip in there going to Barnes and Noble... but I will see.

Darkness in the soul is not fun...

Well, I am sorry folks, I had a rough week and let the deep darkened depression take over my brain and body.

But I am better right now and hopefully will have a full update on what is going on in my life on Monday.  Right now I am going to show you what my reward is for completing  stuff this weekend....

What you see is the Dr. Who Gryffindor scarf, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows audio book and my computer.  For each task I finish I will be allowed to sit and listen to part of or one full CD and knit. 

What are the things on my task list?

1. Pick up bedroom and sort laundry for Monday.

2. Clean girls cage and bath girls

3. Finish dishes

4.  Sort through the equivilant of three boxes from the basement

5. Do hand wash clothing

6. Pick up Yarn for a project for the girls (no I am not spoiling the surprise yet)

7. Post for a roleplay I am in (both posts)

8. Go and finish paying for class at Threadbender

Now all of these are actually to be done over the course of two days.... so we will see what gets done. 

I however do believe that the reward of knitting and listening to Harry Potter is a good reward.  Yep I do. :)