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Monday, October 25, 2010

Creative Plate

Okay… this is what the loving little ferret of Chavi contributed to…

I know I know… she was just defending me… so she says.

I accomplished a lot this last week though.  I have five of the six slippers felted and needle felted (pictures will go up on Sunday).  I have been working on my Doctor Gryffindor scarf I am at 586 rows which means by Saturday night I need to be at 701.  So in five days I have 115 rows to do.  I plucked a little more at the Gypsy Shawl/Scarf.  I am almost to the point of starting to narrow.  The girls costumes are done and I did get a picture (yes they would not hold still for all the pictures so I got one… further explanation by both girls on their Friday post).

But I have a week ahead of me… I did a fair amount today so that was good, laundry got done.
Tomorrow I am going to go grocery shopping and plan out the menu for Tea and Treats before going to my Mary Kay meeting.   Wednesday is clean the kitchen before knitting group.  Thursday is start on the living room and dye up the yarn I have wanted to dye for two weeks.  *rolls eyes at self* Friday is clean up living room… hoping to finish it that day.  Saturday finish up knitting projects for the month.  Finally Sunday post knitting projects and plan out next month’s Knitting Nano (further explination to come on the first of November… mwhahahahahahaha!) and work on food and decoration for the Tea and Treats on Monday.

So individual break down of what I am hoping to accomplish this week:

1.  Finish last slipper needle felting.

2.  Finish Gypsy Scarf

3. Get Doctor Gryffindor Scarf to 701 rows

4. Post pictures of all knitting projects

5. Continue Ferret Fridays

6. Plan out next month’s projects

I think that is a full creative plate.

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