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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Gryffindor Doctor continues....

It was a busy good day. Of my list I got three and probably about three quarters done.

I sorted my laundry for laundry day on Monday and picked up in the room followed by cleaning the girls cage and them. 

The neatest thing about the picking up of stuff around the room is that I actually cleared off my knitting chair. 

Having ferrets means I have to keep certain things off of the floor and well the chair is a nice big place to stick stuff.  It also does not help that I don't really have a place to put my computer.  I need one of those little rolling computer stands that I can sit next to this seat and work from.

Doesn't that look more comfy. 

The other big thing I did was organize my knitting trunk, yes I have a knitting trunk.  Where projects that I am working on but don't really want to have out are stored.

There it is, all closed up so the girls don't get in it.

And there it is as a catch all like the chair.... I do that a lot unfortunately, make things catch alls. 

And there it is all organized... really it is trust me on this.  Each project has it's own bag and if I am not working on it... it does not go in the trunk.

So now I am off to sleep... I have things to do tomorrow and then I will be able to sit and knit... and knit and knit.... weeeeeee!!  I think getting up and doing dishes first thing will be the best then moving on to running around.  I need to go to Threadbender.  Then may be I can do the hand wash before sitting down and sorting through some boxes while watching the last Warehouse 13 episode and the most recent Eureka episode I missed.  I might slip in there going to Barnes and Noble... but I will see.

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