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Friday, May 28, 2010

Freely Creative Fridays: Starfall

So I managed something for the Freely Creative Fridays but it is not what I initially intended.  I wanted to put up a page or so comic, but alas time got away from me so… you get just a little bit of writing. 

FCF Starfall:
Star Souls
by t.f. kit
  “Daddy!! Daddy!!!”  A little voice excitedly squeaked.  “Starfallingup!”

   Older eyes looked down at his child, her curly hair bobbing with excitement, then up into the sky full of bright stars.  “Where honey?”  He asked softly as he came and picked her up.

   She squirmed slightly in his arms and shook her whole body in negative.  “NOoooo over there.” Her short arm pointed straight out from her body out into the field of summer flowers. 
   Confused he set his eyes towards that direction, but he did not see what she was talking about.  There was no view of the horizon here.  The trees on that side of this little meadow blocked it. 

   “THERE!”  She shouted and pointed, more firmly.

   A small chuckle came out of his chest as a glowing dot flickered to life drifted upward than down before winking out.

   “Yes dear, those are fireflies, the wandering souls of the stars.”

1 comment:

  1. I think that this is really fun. I like the concept of fireflies being wandering star souls. Very cute.