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Friday, May 14, 2010

Freely Creative Fridays... who knew!

I am feeling creative so... by next week friday I will have the first of my Freely Creative Fridays posts up...

You might be asking yourself... "what is Freely Creative Fridays?" 

Well  I will tell you what Freely Creative Fridays are. 

It is a little push to myself... a prompt I am pulling out of, well you don't want to know where and createing something... don't really have a definition of what yet and posting it up here, and a couple other places.  I am also hoping that others will join me in this endevor.

So the first 'push' is this...

Dream a little dream...

I think I can work with that.

For further information on this little craziness I am undertaking go here T.F. Kit Speaks , this is my writing journal where random brain spurts happen.  It is also where sometimes my more private thoughts happen and I need to keep that stuff a little more under wraps.

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