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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty birdies, squished birdies....

   Well here I am again... ready to chat away and talk about projects on the table.  I am still working on my mom's jacket... and it is slowly coming along.  I am having a little difficulty with the sleeve but I will get it, eventually.  And I am about to start a project of doll making.  I have the tools and I have the will, so there is going to be something coming of that here soon. 

   I however want to show everyone the weaving project I did a couple of months back.  I am working on another weaving project and will be getting that going soon but first my workshop project.  I have not made it into what I am going to make it into but I have it off the loom and it was well loved by the other weavers today when I stopped in and dropped something off to my Auntie at Threadbender. 

  When I started all I knew is that I wanted to weave cloth.  I had an idea but what came out was great too. 
   So I started out with this fabric...

   ...isn't it pretty with the blue birds and bright flowers. I mean really nice and bright.  I set up the warp (which is the part that goes on the loom) from a bright blue and a bright green thread. 
Next I cut the cloth into strips, but left about a half an inch or so at one end, so that I could line it up well enough.

   I stared to weave the strips through the warp and then send another yarn through the other way so that the blue that was the odd number threads on the warp were on top of the cloth and the green thread, that were the even number threads were on the bottom of the cloth when they were sent through.

   This is the other yarn, a fuzzy bright blue, yellow and green... quite fun..

   And this is pretty close to the cloth being done.  I think it turned out great...

   Now once I have the opportunity and the time I am going to make the beautiful fun fabric into a bag.  I don't know whom it will go to but it is going to be great.

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  1. This is interesting. I had not seen this done before. Very pretty.