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Monday, July 12, 2010

Harry Potter Nuttery!

Well… here is the Harry Potter post… I am nuts about it right now.  I know I know it might just be a lark but I do want to put up some ideas I have… see what people think.

I am reading Harry Potter and the Sorceress’ Stone watching the movies and thinking about knitting projects.  Yeah I want to do knitting projects for Harry Potter. 

But I am wanting to go to the next two movies at the midnight shows… and I want to go dressed up.  Now the question comes whom do I dress up as.

This is me… yep in all my totally not made up look.

So I am trying to figure out whom I should dress up as, whom I would look the best as…
Delores Umbridge.

Molly Weasly
Professor Sprout
Professor Trelawny

So please put in your two cents worth, because I will want to do this right.  So… any way off I go.

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