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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bedroom full of Ferrets.

Well I am trying  to relearn the art of Zen in doing things.  It isn’t easy for me especially since, well how shall I put this, I am not doing so at this very moment.  I am typing this up, putting pictures on my Photobucket account playing Facebook games, and chatting with people on line, while I am knitting too.

I know roll your eyes at me, I would if I wasn’t so busy watching other things. 

But I am actually going to show some progress on what I was thinking for decorating my room.  Just a few updates since I feel a bit disorganized. 

This is what you will see when you come into my room and turn to the left.  My bed room is around ten feet by fifteen feet with a six foot by six foot walk in closet, which you will also see, or rather look into in one of the pictures.

This is my book shelf.  It is still a touch disorganized but I am working on it.  You might notice on the bottom that I don’t have much besides a basket and blanket.  Let me tell you, ferrets and things on the bottom shelf are worse than kids.  I used to keep books on bottom shelves but came back to the room and found books all toppled over so I don’t do that anymore.  It is just easier to put ferret toys down there. 

…and there is the ferrets’ cage and my closet.  What is hanging next to the closet at the moment is my corkboard but that is going to be moved soon, probably this week.  I need to get organized with my time and what I, emphasis on I, want to do.  (yes there is a ferret next to the pet carrier.)

This is my trunk; inside of it are my knitting projects.  I finally found a way to keep them in my room and not have my little fuzzies turn it into a large multi-colored spider web.  I was also thinking about putting my corkboard there to help me see what I am going to be doing or needs to be done. 

I will share one detail of my room.  It is a ferret filled room.  You see I collect ferrets.  I love them, they are my little animal.  And this shelf contains most of my collection…

You might also notice there is a Giraffe’s head on there and yes the tong is hanging out.  Why that is the head to my headless giraffe on 1-96 near Grandville Michigan.  It is a large giraffe statue that has been behind this billboard for years, but you could always see the head over the top.  Well a little over a year ago now; I saw the head wasn’t there.  Then when I looked behind the billboard I saw the body and legs and a gaping hole were the neck should attach.  It was rather traumatic.  So a friend of mine, found this giraffe puppet and made me the head for the giraffe, she added a tong and well it is a dead head of a giraffe.  I love it! So it gets a place of honor among the ferrets. 

This is the other piece that has a place of honor.  I am a Harry Potter fan and well, it was made for me.  My very own Furry Potter by Kellendraysia Studios Jessica Dubridge.  I know what it takes to make this and it is an awesome gift.  I would love another one… or even offer to commission her but I still don’t know if she would do it, or how much she would ask.  But I am looking to have one commission done a year for me.  So I might.

Now finally the piece that started it all…

Another piece gifted to me from my friend and artist Elizabeth Seelye of WonderInk.  His name is Norman and he is a handmade ceramic ferret.

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