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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snips and tears....

Well I am trying not to look at this last month as a total waste of time.

This is the Wrapped in Rainbows shawl I have spent the last month sacrificing time and energy to.

This is the very fuzzy picture of the stitches I cut.

That is right ladies and gentlemen I cut about three or four stitches on a fragile yarn on this shawl that I have been raving about for a month. 

I don’t know if it is salvageable.  I started this shawl on the first of July and finished it on the thirty first.  I need to be able, if necessary to let it go. 

I will say this… I cried, balled in fact, when I realized what had happened.  I berated myself for being that stupid that hasty, how could I have wasted all this time in making something only to screw it up at the end.  I am still dealing with some of those emotions.  That sense of failure and non-completion. 

I am however in the mood to also pull up my bootstraps as well and say.. okay slower on the finish next time… breath and take it easy. 

So that is what I am going to do, breath and take a meditative approach.  I am picking up another knitting project for myself and it really didn’t occur to me until I went out and go the book that I made a rainbow shawl and was going to make ruby slippers. 

Yep my next project is Ruby Dancin’ Shoes, basically a pair of red slippers that I intend to add pretty bead to after they are felted. 

I am using a Plymouth pattern and Plymouth Galway yarn, pure wool.  It should felt up nicely… though I suppose we will see.

But that is not my meditative project.  I am not totally sure of my meditative project yet.  It has to be fairly simple at this point in time, because I am really out of practice with my meditation.  What inspired this project?  On the excursion to Mecosta Michigan where I picked up this beautiful Oz book,

I also picked up Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning  It speaks of knitting in line with meditation.  I was thinking about following it and doing one pattern at a time, going through and making each project in turn with meditation, about twenty minutes a day. 

I know I have things to work through but that twenty minutes might be worth it to clear my mind and take deep breaths.

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