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Monday, August 23, 2010

BahRamU doesn't work? But these guys do...

Okay I got to see a sheep herding show yesterday at the Michigan Fiber Festival and it was neat to watch.  I also went click happy…

So this is an image heavy post, just to warn you and doesn’t have a lot of words.

I liked the angle and movement on this shot a lot.  Just one of those things.

In the above picture he is showing how he doesn't use his staff to hit the dog, just guide it.  Because if he did hit the dog with it he would not be able to touch him with it.

... and now they are all back in the pen. 

I have so much fun watching them and hearing his stories about what he does and what the dogs do.  Each dog has it's own personality and he knows how each dog works.  Always fun.

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