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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Socks and balls...

Okay, I like to have fun with my friends hang out and just have fun.  I do have a competitive streak and I know this.  Problem comes is I am not very good at any sports or games.  I just am not.  I enjoy them for the most part, if I let go of my competitive nature, if people don’t goat me into it saying they are the best and they always get this score.  I have fun when people don’t try and tell me how to play the game or how to improve what I am doing.  Fortunately my friends know this, for the most part.  I still feel sometimes like I suck but that is my issue not theirs. 

But we went bowling on Thursday it was great.  The place we went has $2 per person games and $2 rental on shoes, in the morning.  Like 11am to 4pm, I think.  So we went and we bowled three games and had some food.  Total cost was under $20 it was great.  It would have been less if we had not ordered food. 

So here we are bowling…



Yeah butt shots, yeah a little blurry but fun times were had.

And durning all of this Jess found an obsession. 

SOCKS!! Yes ladies and gentlemen a sock machine.

She was a little excted about it. ;P

Sooo we had to get some…

Mine is the purple pair, Liz and Jess got the pink flaming ones.   I like purple a little bit better.

And fun times with friends will continue tomorrow… why? I am going with them to the Michigan Fiber Festival. 

“and a battle cry was heard and the sheep shook in fear… STRING!!!!!”

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