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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun with Fiber

Well, went to Michigan Fiber Festival and had fun.  We took Liz’s niece and hung out with her there.  It is so cute to see her knit.  So this was fun for her. 

She got to see lamas…

…and sheep…

…and bunnies and goats.  (I don’t have any good pictures of those.)

We wandered the booths and Jess found someone to talk to.

She knitted that wonderful vest she is wearing there and she got many, many compliments.  Maybe if we ask her nicely she will put up pretty pictures of it.  *nudge nudge*

But we all found things we liked.  Jess and Liz found wonderful yarn and patterns.  I found a shuttle for my loom and a knitting pattern.  And even the little one found some cute little hair felted hair clips. 

Awww isn’t she just adorable.

She is so cute she even got ‘Auntie’ Jess to give her a piggy back ride.

Liz had to get a picture too.

We then watched the herding dog exhibition (see tomorrows post) and got very hot.

We decided when the lamas’ needed to get a cool drink it was too hot and time to go.

So we said good bye to the chicken…

…and headed home from a fun day.

I think next year I want to try and do some workshops too.  Fun learning to be had.

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