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Monday, August 9, 2010

Glass... pretty.

Ahh I didn’t put up the post yesterday.  Bust sufficed to say I had a great birthday weekend.  Absolutely wonderful.  It was relaxing and fun and a little warmer than I wanted, but yes it is August. 

Friday was relaxing, if a bit tiring on the work load of the house.  I still have stuff to do (as always). 

Saturday was family brother and mom, as I wrote about. 

And yesterday, Sunday, was fun with dad’s side.  Went out with him and his wife for a brunch after the rain had subsided, things were unfortunately pushed back a bit because of the rain.  Instead of starting at noon, we started at one thirty.  That made for interesting times. 

We went out to eat then to the Fredrick Meijer Gardenswhich has a beautiful exhibit going on of the glass artist, Chihuly.  They are amazing pieces, worth seeing. 

I took over one hundred twenty five pictures before we left.  I trust me majority of them were not usable but I hope to go back again this week or next and see the exhibit again and take some better pictures.  There were however some that were worth it. 

So here are some pictures…

This shot you have to look for I thought it was well placed…

They are every where on the grounds so you deffinatly need to have a good pair of walking shoes. 

There are also pieces inside…

… also I recommend looking up in the conservatory.  I would have missed it if my father hadn’t pointed it out.  (Sorry not going to spoil that one.)

I would also recommend going and looking at my deviant art site Fuzziekit .  There are some very nice pictures I took of some cool flowers and what not.  You might enjoy that.

And here is a preview…


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