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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oooo Sparklies... I like Sparklies.

Well I did it I made Day of the Dead mugs and they are so cool!

I am really proud of myself for them.  I like how they turned out and the colors on them.  I miss doing that.  It is a relaxing and rewarding hobby for me.  I just wish I had a kiln to do this on my own.  I know people say there are paints that you could do at home now.  The only thing about those paints is that you can’t use them as utensils, they are decorative paint only.  The mugs I make at Naked Plates are useable, fully glazed and fired pieces.  I love the fact that someone can drink from my mugs.    If you want to see more detailed pictures of these beauties go to my Deviant Art Gallery…  and check things out there.

I will say one of the squee moments of the week was on Ravelry.com .  I am a part of a Harry Potter Group on there and have been participating and putting pictures of projects up there too.  Well apparently my Ruby Dancin’ Shoes was worth a note as the project of the day on Tuesday. 

I thought that was really cool.  I just wanted to share.  So… that is it for today, more to come at a later date.  Maybe after I finally finish my Skull Slippers… (had to rip the first one out twice… grrr counting).

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