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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yarn Monsters

A yarn monster, what is a yarn monster? 

There are I am sure many definitions all around that people have.  Mine used to be when my ferrets, Lexi and Chavi, would run around their play area (a.k.a my bedroom) with a ball or two of yarn that I had missed to get out of their reach and turn it in to a spiderweb around my room, that I would then have to gather together in a massive non-balled pile.  I would then shove it somewhere to deal with it's tangled mass later.  Only to stumble upon it days, weeks, if not months later and growl in frustration.  I could swear they get bigger.

There is also however another deffinition I have.  All those unfinished projects I have.  Unfinished scarves, blankets, sweaters, belts, or place mats.  They don't have to be projects dealling with yarn either.  Yarn monsters could be that unfinished novel you meant to read, or the painting project for the house.  I have a lot of yarn monsters that I have shoved into drawers only to open it up later and feel completly overwhelmed.  I know the only way to deal with them is to face them but that is still kinda scary. 

So... here I sit begining to tackle the yarn monsters in my life.  The unfinished projects, the messy hallways and closets.  The first is to make the art area, because that is where it can all begin, in the basement. 

I spent fourty five minuets down there.  I sorted out pictures into boxes, cleaned of a bookshelf, took some writing magazines upstairs to my desk, and detangled an old knitting project that was going no where.  Felt good.

Let's see what I can accomplish in the next few days.

1 comment:

  1. haha, my ferret boys would definitely do this. i need to give them some yarn...