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Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates and lists.

Woo Hoo!! I have a computer willing to log me into my blog... who knew it was possible.  Still no pictures as of yet.  At least none I am willing to share or have figured out how to upload.  Yeah, just a little tech challenged here.  But that does not mean I do not have things to tell you, in the artistic realm. 

I have drawn another character for the Kit Tales/Moosehold Chronicles (or some such thing since I haven't named it yet).  He is a blind mouse... I know been there done that but I like him.  I don't have a name for him yet but I like him.  He has two brothers/sisters, don't know which or both yet.  I also have some concept ideas for another character but I am not sure which story he will end up in.  I am likeing where my brain is right now. 

I am thinking either this month or next doing a page a day challenge for the first of my comics.  Get the Moosehold Story drawn and inked and up for people to see.  I don't think I will be able to get it colored but at least drawn and inked.   I am not totally sure how I want it colored yet, that more then anything else is why I am waiting on coloring.  Of course I have to draw everything yet but alas... that is life.

For string, which is one of the major reasons why all of you are watching this loverly blog, I am doing well.  I have the three panels of my mom's jacket done and have started the first sleeve.  In fact that is where I was today, from 2pm to 5:30pm, I was sitting with my mom making sure she was doing well while we talked and I knitted.    She just loves the color and can not believe I am knitting it for her.

On a side note... why might you ask was I sitting with my mother making sure she is okay.  Well about a week ago Saturday mommy fell and broke her leg, near the knee joint.  She had surgery on Wednesday and has been ordered by the doctor not to put weight on it for eight weeks.  So, I am going out there on Mondays for a bit to keep her company and check up on things and allow her hubby to get out of the house. 

Now back to string...

I am also working on the Smiles in Peace with Love baby blanket for my niece/nephew to be.  I have the Smiles done and the Hearts done and am working on finishing up the Peace Signs.  Then I have the other patches to finish and finally decide whether or not to do a boarder. 

So a list of things that are being worked on...
-mom's jacket
-smiles in peace with love blanket
-drawing character designs for my comic before starting the challenge

We will see what gets done... pictures maybe tomorrow of stuff... taxes will hopefully repair the camera.

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