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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Working on the UFOs... and other fuzzy strings.

I am almost done with the patches with the shapes in them.  I am finishing up the last of the peace symbols and will soon be starting the seven green squares to use as fillers.  Then it is trying to decide if I want to put a boarder on it.  I know I do not want to do fringe, however I might like a crochet boarder on it.  Then it is decideing what color the boarder is going to be. Alas that is life, and we live it. 

I am continueing to knit away at my mommy's jacket.  That one is so soft but it does get a little boring at times to do.  Just boom boom boom... knit knit knit... and that is it.  I will finish it and I will give it to her but I think I am going to wait on my dad's for a month before I start it. 

I am prepearing for my weaving workshop, looking at scrap fabric and finding out what gage 'string' I am going to use as the warp.  I want to play... I saw a pattern in Handweavers Magazine and I want to try something similar or my own creation/variation of it.  I want to play with fabric on the weft and then maybe get really bold and do it on the warp, but wait and see.

My UFO-Project (Un-Finished Objects), is slowly coming along.  Hopefully I will have one done for Tuesday, and another done for Wednesday.  The first for a birthday that happened last week and the second for a Yule gift that was changed around.  I can do it I know I can but it just takes time that I don't always have.  Some how I will finish them both.

I am still enjoying my life even though I am totally exhausted most of the time.  I will get pictures up eventually... once I have time to figure out how to work stuff on my computer and how to actually put up things on here... haven't had a lot of time to play.  I will find the time.  I will make the time.

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