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Monday, April 5, 2010

A little fuzzy in the head...

Well figures I would forget when my weaving class started.  I had hoped to have some images for you of that going up but well... I did not go and check when the workshop was on Saturday and the store was closed on Sunday (being Easter) so I went in the morning with my cup of coffee in hand to keep me awake and nope, it starts on Tuesday.  But that is okay, I need to pick up fabric anyway. 
So instead I bring you old pictures that I have finally uploaded to show people.  So bring on the bentos....

This was a look at the Day of the Dead.  I don't actually remember if it was the holiday or not but I think they look cool.  Rice balls in the shape of skulls with nori cut into appropriate shapes, cucumber flowers, cored out tomato with some type of stuffing (I don't remember) and cut up peaches.  Kinda neat don't ya think?

This was a look at boats on the sea.  The deviled egg boats with apple sliced sails, grape sky and deviled egg and carrot sun over a tuna fish on wheat sea with cheese fishes.  Was told to put more cheese the next time.

This was another exploration of deviled eggs Alien style.  I put sliced carrot for the eyes and the antenna sitting on top of pickle and ham with cream cheese wraps, hatching alien eggs (the grapes with carrot bits), and their staple food of brownies and finger jello.  One of my more creative attempts and was a lot of fun to do.

This however is my favorite, my peach bugs and crescent cocoons. A whole peach cut into fourths with a fourth of a Roma tomato and carrot antenna, chewing at a pile of chicken salad flowers and behind that the crescent cocoons.  It was fun... really really fun.

Any way, I need to be getting some sleep here soon.  Hopefully some more images will be coming up in the next few days.  One can hope, right?  Well enjoy these at least.

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