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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy Fun Days

   Hey there... I am still around and I am working on stuff, lots and lots of stuff.  I know I will have a few posts going up here over the next few days.  *hears the moans of complaint, and protest of wanting them now... pshaw*

   I can't help it I want to spread it out so you don't get too overwhelmed.  Besides today's post is a doozy about yesterday.

   I had fun yesterday.  Did not get a lot of work around the house accomplished but I had fun and found some stuff I like... and the most important I hung out with two great friends. 

   Well to start out I got up and did my morning stuff and Jess went and took care of her dog to the annual vet appointment, all shots and what not taken care off.  I did some work on the computer and then we were off.

   I had gotten a call the previous day from the yarn shop I frequent.  I had not picked up any of my yarn that I had put aside in a long time. There were circumstances yes, I was in for weaving and was not picking up for any of those projects, so I simply had not made it out in the week since I pulled my project off the loom and that was a week after the class was done, so they were justified to call me.

   Well we ran some errands in there too.  One to a fun little candle shop called Candle Experience checked out some things there.  Saw a really really cute purse there, but I don't really need another purse so I did not get it. (there is an ominous tone in the air though at that thought... I should have know it.)

   Then we stopped at WalMart to check on a price of a game... which they didn't have so we left there managing not to kill the people continuing to stop in the middle of the walkways blocking everything with their carts.  (really the baseball bat was just there officer I don't know how it came in contact with their heads)

   Next was the yarn shop... Threadbender.  I love that little yarn shop.  It has near everything I need and they have reasonable classes.  I picked up two balls of the yarn for my daddy's jacket and then we went home.

   From there I went and picked up Liz and we went out.  She wanted this cute little cake stand with strawberries on it.  I hope she puts up a picture because it was adorable.  It was an antique shop in Eastown, a very bohemian part of the town I live in.  We went and had dinner a Yesterdog, a great hot dog place.  (I love Kosher dogs)  Then wandered because it was a nice day and it got us out of the house.

   We ended up in this little consignment shop and well the ominous comment about not needing another purse bit me.  I found a shirt that fit and fits my style and near by the perfect purse to go with it.  So I bought it, and put it with a skirt that I have been looking for a shirt to go with.

   So this lovely sparkly green top cost me $8.  The light green sueadish purse cost me $4.  The velvet skirt cost me $12.  The boots that I will wear with it cost me $10.  (not sure about the nylons or tights yet)  But so far this great outfit has only cost me $34.   Amazing feeling.

   Then when I was cleaning out things in my closet working on getting laundry together I put together another outfit.  The only thing I need, besides accessories, is a little cami for underneath the shirt, it is really see through.

   The shoes that I would put with this are really cute too.  But I just wanted to share this with you.  I wanted to show off two cute little outfits that managed to work.  Anyway of and running, should go do laundry now.  Not a big fan of it but I do need clean cloths.

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  1. Sounds like you girls had a fun day. I was at the girls house today and did not have the cake stand shown to me. Bummer.