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Monday, October 10, 2011


Well been awhile hasn't it but that is some times the way it goes...

I thought I would share some experience I have had with a new thing for me. Cardio-Knitting. It is when you do your exercise and knit at the same time. I walk... I very happily walk. Not interested in much else, except maybe riding a bike and since I don't own one of those I figure I would walk. I walk about a mile and a half every other day around my block. I decided this month to add in knitting. I chose something simple enough and went at it.

I decided on wrist warmers/fingerless gloves. Simple round the needles no fancy pattern go at it type thing. I picked out a great yarn and boom went to town after casting on. 

Now what you do have to understand I am not in a high end neighborhood. I live near a Sheriff Station which is located at a jail (don't know if it is county or state) so I have a lot of cops around. I am used to it.

The first day I walked with my knitting going at it was right around the shift change. (I think.) I see a Sheriffs car drive by and I smile at them but keep moving because they don't know me, I just always smile at them when I see them. Then another one passed a minuet or so later and kinda slowed down. I smiled like I always do but again kept going, thinking yeah guys I am knitting. Then a moment or two later a third drove by and visibly slowed down as he passed me. I just at that point in time got this image of the first one driving by radioing to his buddy about this crazy woman knitting while she walked. And when the second one passed radioing say yeah I think she is but I am not sure. Then the third one coming up slowing down and say yeah guys she is knitting.

But that is not the amazing part for me. As I was Cardio-Knitting I found I wasn't noticing my legs hurting as much. So I deiced to take it along on the 5K walk I signed up for on the 8th of October. 

I loved it... I got asked about four times about my knitting and how can I do that when I walked. I simply told them it kept me distracted from my legs. I will say now however I felt the last mile and a couple of times on hills (because it is a very hilly course) that I had to stop knitting to focus on getting up the hill but that was okay.

I have some ideas for next year for fundraising... but I will see how it goes.

I also decided to make the fingerless gloves for NANOWRIMO... Should be fun... and no I did not knit all of that just from walking this last week. But I need to get them done before October 31st.

Well I guess I need to walk a little bit more.

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