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Monday, December 5, 2011

Colors... to drink?

I am alive!!!!! *looks at last date of journal and cringes* Sorry... it has been awhile hasn't it. 

Well on the good side of things.  I have a very very very very very rough draft of Moosehold Part Two... now all I have to do is re-write part one.  And I have earned a fair amount of points for my competitive knitting group on ravlery. *grins*  That will be coming later though.  Right now I want to show off what I have done for dyeing.

I had fun.  I figured out Kool-aid dying.  I would love to do a little bit more permanent but I really don'thave space to do what I want to do right now.  So my next couple of dying excursions will be Kool-aid as well.  But it still will be fum and I will definitely be posting stuff on the dye experiences I will be having.

So here is my first excursion into dying...

First off preparing my dye...

I had prepped up my yarn and set everything up in the tub.

Then rolled it up and set it aside for steaming and moved on to the next color set.

And set that one up differently because I didn't like how the colors on the first one ran together.

Then I steamed... and didn't take any pictures but afterwards I soaked them to clean them

Pretty yarns...

So there is my first excursion into dying and more to come next month. 

Really I will have another showing here soon enough, and it will be something pretty and inspiring.

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