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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A White Elephant's Heart?

Well here I sit after my dad's side of the family Christmas party. 

I think I was okay... I know I had other things going on in my head but that is not for here.  It was fun.  We had a lot of creative things going on, which give me an idea for the year that my dad hosts it.  Things I can do, create and help with. 

We, however, did something new this year.  We did a White Elephant gift exchange.  Now it isn't a nice gift exchange.  This was the more horrible the better White Elephant.

I suppose I should explain a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  It is basically getting rid of something you have and gifting it to someone else.  Something you don't like or don't want.  Now some of that stuff is worth something to someone else.  You never know. 

A second hand shop is a good place to find White Elephant Gifts if you do not have something you want to get rid of.  Garage or Yard sales are another place. 

I did not totally do the right type of gift.  I did a 'Choose Your Side' box.

The note reads...
"Choose your side:
Coffee or Tea
Vampire or Werewolf
Red or Blue.
Let the battle begin!"

I had red and blue coffee cups, instant packets of coffee and tea, and marbles in the theme of Vampires and Werewolves.  I thought it was fun.

I was wrong... there was an old lamp, a wall hanging cheap plastic tiki mask, and a dead animal bag.  Though the toppers had to be the tong and the heart.  Yes someone (my father and his wife) brought a heart and a tong.  Eeeww.

Mine was a party in a box... couple of old games, a blender and two other items... which will, if this continues next year, be involved in White Elephant Revenge...

Yes that is a wig and a plaster hand... oh the ideas I have.   And there will be updates... but only covertly.  Because it will have to wait until next year for the reveal.  Mwhahahahahahaha!!!!

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