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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some old, some new and some inspiration

As I sit here looking over my past year I have realized just how much I have grown in my artistic ways. My horizons have expanded and I have had a desire to continue on with my best foot forward. But I shouldn't forget the past. So this week I am going to be looking back at the art that has passed out of my mind and into the world at large. And since I am working on drawing I thought I would start there.

There are actually not a lot of pieces I really really like. I also do not feel I have a lot of color work. I have a ton of line work but not a lot of color work.

Ferrets have been something I have loved and kept close to my heart for many years... (check out my other blog the Furry Slinkies... my random ferrety adventures are spoken of there.)

The first couple of pictures are old ferret drawings... when I gave them really short noses...

I have since altered my style slightly...

Not colored but still enjoyable.

Some earlier work shows how I liked to draw the fur when I inked.

Though one piece I am actually very very proud of is this one...

Chalking her way to OZ Shows my love for ferrets and my love for the wonderful world of Oz.

There is one more piece I want to show off for the day...

Hopefully you will begin to see more of him... he is definitely an inspiration to my life... after all he is my muse.

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