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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Leanord, my inspiration on a shelf....

This is Leanord....

He is the first toy I ever knitted.  I love him.  He protects thing, like my coffee and at work my treats....

He gives me inspiration to do things, like write and take pictures and even knit and weave.  He is a wonderful little companion.  Because of him I feel okay about myself, because if I can make him I can do a lot of fun and creative things.

I decided that I need to share this wonderful little guy with others.  And that everyone deserves a Leanord of their own.  So, I am making another one as a baby gift.  I think it will be loved.  I hope it will be loved.  I will need to actually make two, because I know two people who are having a baby.  And I should probobly make them for the couple of people I missed but I will wait on those.  For now the two will be on the list.

But I also have to share this other softie that is in my life... and is Leanord's best friend.

This is L.P. (Little Prime), a small softie plush of Optimus Prime from Transformers, made by Mininise28 on LiveJournal given to me by Miss Kellendraysia.  I think hats and scarves and slippers and little knitted stuff is in their future. 

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