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Monday, April 23, 2012

Offically started...

Well I am making it official.  I have been putting it off and not talking about what I want to do but I have decided to make it official. 

I am, yet again, walking in the Mary Kay Bee Brave 5K, on October 6th.

Yep, I am doing it.  I started my walking regiment today.  I took Jake-Jake out with me and we walked around the block. 

I didn't do the long three block walk which is around a mile but I did the shorter two block walk which is about half that.  Mostly this was because I am fighting some lung crap and didn't feel like hacking a lung up in the process. 

I will eventually be looking for pledges for my walk and I have some plans for that too.  Because I don't just walk... I Cardio-Knit Walk.  (geez I feel like a Dairy Queen commercial).  So I will be knitting while I train and then I intend to knit while on the walk as well. 

It is for a good cause and an organization I truly believe in.  Keep cheering for me, because I definitely want to do better on my time this year.. not that I kept track last year, but I want to do better this year.

More updates will come as I figure them out.  

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