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Friday, June 11, 2010

FCF... fail.

I was not quite motivated enough to finish my project for FCF this week.  It was a cool idea but just not enough to push me to finish.  Instead I kept looking at the FCF jar.  It was so empty so blank and I have no time to spruce it up right now.

That is what it looks like.  It was an old Meijers Dill Pickle jar.  And it needs to be fuller than it is and I am looking towards all of you to help me out.  I need phrases quotes weird words to fill this jar up so that then I have more than just my memories and thoughts to work from.   So email me, message me, snail mail me (for those who know where I live), comment here or at one of my other journals.  Just give me some idead what to put in there.  Then I can figure out if it needs to be spruced up.

1 comment:

  1. Check out my blog for my FCF, I will eventually be posting the blog other places to see what form of comments I can get on it. If I think of some ways to spruce up the jar I will let you know.