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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun with Peeps

Hey… I just made a pretty little lunch for the roomie today. 

It was a slightly failed attempt at a cocoon in my opinion.  I was trying to make the pepper the cocoon and the tomato slices the wings but it just did not work.  The peach slices on a cloud though look nice.  I will have to work at this.

However my attempts at peepshi turned out better, far better in my opinion. 

This was my first attempt at peepshi.  Granola bars with peeps and fruit rollup strips.

I first saw peepshi over the Easter season.    A friend of mine on Facebook put up this link Peepshi and well I thought I would have some fun with it.

 This is my second attempt at peepshi.  Yes that is a peanut butter cup cut in half and put on the granola bar.  I wanted to do a really neat hand roll for the front of this box but the fruit rollups did not want to unroll, so I must go on the quest for appropriate fruit rollups for peepshi.  The little rolls are half peeps with Mike n’ Ike’s in the center as well as this new feature from my previous attempt.

The new feature is … “wasabi”. 

I know the picture is very very blurry but this is what it is…

 I cut those little buggers in half and added them this time.  It was a fun.

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