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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It has started....

Well the pattern for When Sweaters Rebel/Dr Who Goes Gryffindor scarf, has decided to be difficult.  I will have to work on it and figure out how to make it actually show the whole chart... however I will be showing you how far I am currently.

Now I have started it and I like the front.

I am just not sure if I like the back enough not o double the width and fold it over and seam it.

The thing is I know that is the way garter stitch works but I am not 100% sure I like the way it looks.  There are drawbacks to folding it.  It would add to the 'weight' of it, in other words it would be very very warm.   So I am going to go at it for a few more blocks of color, probably through the next little switching of two rows two rows two rows between red and gray.  I should be able to figure out if I like the look and weight of it then.

There we go that is how far I am on the scarf even.... Yea!  So off I go to play with string and do some cleaning.  Weeeee!!!

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