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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up... with a little bit of Pirate

Well I had wanted to post this on Sunday (since that was talk like a pirate day) but I did not have two of the things done that I am picturing here.  I was really close on the bunny but I was tired… so here is my pirated post…

Avast ye matties.  Let us grab a pint (yes they come in those) and drink to the good health and avoidance of Davey Jones Locker.  Arrrrr.

(yes it is talk like a pirate day)

I am on a quest to gain my beetle turned buttons back from an errant dust bunny.  So I pulled out my swords (needles) and gathered up my rope (yarn) and stared my knot works (knitting) in the rigging (on my bed).  I am bribing the little fellow with a Dust Bunny Buddy.  I hope only that the little scallywag will not bring about the Dust Bunny Apocalypse. 

Ahoy there Bunny, I have finished your friend even gave him two of the loverly beetle buttons, to appease you. Now back to my other buttons...

*stares in shock as the little cup that was holding the other beetles turned buttons is now empty and a trail of dust leads under the bed.  Titters of laughter could be heard along with tiny squeeks of ‘more friends, more.’*

Drat… Pirates!

Now back to regular speak.

The other thing I have been working on is the When Sweaters Rebel or Dr. Who turns Gryffindor Scarf.  I have officially bought all the supplies and reworked the pattern  Dr. Who Scarf Season 18 and I think the colors are great.

I picked up ‘I Love This Yarn’ because it is so soft.  I intend to make it about ten inches wide and that should defiantly be wide enough for me.  I feel so enthused about doing it.

There will defiantly be pictures and fun things of that nature.  Anyway I will have Monday Accountablity up tomorrow.  I have a few other things to do tonight.

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