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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Accountability Time.

I did okay not great but I did have Wheatland stuff going on and well that is a whole other thing for me to talk about. 

The reality is I did not full accomplish any of my set goals.  I did accomplish parts of two of them though.

My Pretty Pretty Hat is not going quite as I want it to…

As you can see it is a little big as a beine… or rather you can really tell because I forgot to put the tape measure in there and did not feel like taking another picture.  Just trust me too big.  So I have decided to turn it into a different type of hat and add a flower.  I think it could be really cool.

On the good side of things my gargoyle is almost done, all he needs is eyes.

Isn’t he cute?  His name is Leonard because of his Spock like ears.  I thank Liz Seelye of Wonder Ink for the idea; I did not even make the connection with Spock.

Now that is really what I accomplished and not much else.  As I said I went to Wheatland Music Festival this weekend and well… that ate a lot of time.  I still have clean up to do. 

However, just because I did not get my list done last week, does not mean I won’t try again this week; I have a lot of finishing up to do and a lot of set up, so I will work on those.

*Make up the mug designs for next week
*Call and place the order for the cups I need
*Make Day of the Dead Tea invites
*Finish Leonard
*Finish Pretty Pretty Hat.
*Start Hammocks for the girls’ cage

I think it is a good run for it.

1 comment:

  1. Your gargoyle is really cute and I am loving the ruby slippers. Great job! Thanks for coming by...I am leaning both ways at this time on the quilt decision.