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Friday, September 17, 2010

It is Freely Friday Time:

Well now here it is Friday… I had hoped to get my first Wicked Delights Wednesday out this week but alas, real life kept me busy.  So I am now here today, finally posting something of interest. 

This is Leonard.  Fully completed and showing his strength as a guardian by protecting my coffee.  He is the first amagarumi piece I have done.  Yes he is knitted.  I don’t actually know how to crochet. 

The other piece I finished is a hat.

Yep that is me wearing it.  Fun easy piece.  Both of those were made for a Ravelry group I am in. 

Well you all know how I am a Harry Potter fan… well I joined a House Cup Challenge group and am having fun with it.  Keeps me working on different things. 

I am also working on a third project inspired by one of their classes. 

That is how far I am in two and a half days, and it will be, once it is finished, a hammock for the girls.  They so need new ones.  I am thinking also maybe knitting and felting a bed to go in there too.  I will see.

Yeah I am Weavetting it with my ‘junk’ yearn.  I am trying to decide if I am going to add a knitted edge to it or not.  I do know I am going to need to line it.  Just a little too much of a chance for little claws to get caught and snagged on the seaming, even though I am weaving the edges together as to sewing them.

I also have been doing some sketching and relaxing with that.  I have been working a touch on the designs I was thinking for mugs.

I know a photo, more because I didn’t feel like going and scanning on the other computer.  This was fast and easy.  Yes to all you Totoro fans I know what I did wrong on the color of the little guy, but in my defense I was doing this at a Laundromat and did not have a reference picture.

Anyway... off to do more playing with 'string' and working and cleaning and having fun with friends.  Enjoy the day.

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