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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun with colors...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy... I had fun with colors last week.  I would have posted sooner but life and well a little illness ran away with me.  So I am sharing now.

I actually did some dying last week, and it turned out fairly well.  No I am not kidding.  I like how it turned out even though I did over-saturate the dye a bit.  But let me start from the beginning.

I started out with a blank KnitPicks Yarn in worsted weight.  And with an experimentation wanted to try not variegated yarn but a sort of stranded from one color to the next with no repeating of color.  So when I hanked it for dyeing I did it in three parts...

Another use for my warping board.  I did two skeins this way and stuck them in three jars in my dye pot to ensure that the colors did not blend.  I liked that method the best when I checked things out on-line.  I added the dyes and when about boiling it.

I definitely over saturated the color.  I used the whole packets of dye... I know, I know... there are times I should call this blog 'Confessions of an Artistic Slob', I just read half the directions and go headlong into it.

But I do like how the colors turned out even though they were not what I was expecting.

Washed and somewhat rinsed... it took a lot of rinsing.

And then drying.... I didn't split the first skein very well so it went from blue to dark blue to teal back to blue but at least is still only had three colors.

And all hanked up.  So pretty.  Now on to knit the wonderful stuff.  Squee!!!

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