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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Want to but what I actually did...

Okay I wanted to work on a different project tonight...

...but I didn't.

I wanted to show how far I am right now...

...but I'm not.

What I did work on tonight as I watched the new Frightnight movie was work on some blanket squares.

No they are not very big and yes I am going to have to make a ton of them to make the size I want to but that is okay.

Here is a close up of the texture of the squares.  It is really an easy knit for me, which is nice.  This is what I am planing on knitting for social knitting, at least until I get my non-dyed yarn and I start knitting the blanks for my experimentation dye project.

Now why I am I not posting other pictures?  And why did I not work on the project I really wanted to?
Because I was watching the movie with my roomie and sat with her for a bit afterwards and what I want to work on is actually her birthday present.  She knows what I am making for her, a poncho, because I totally blitzed and let it slip, but she doesn't know what pattern or what yarn I am using.  And dangnabit I am not going to share that with her.  She will be surprised somehow with it.

The other thing that I am trying to keep on the back burner right now is the fact that there is something I want to knit for myself.  A sweater, I know, I hate knitting sweaters.  But it is a fun sweater and I am going to give myself a goal of three months to knit it up.  It is out of the book knit, swirl! by Sandra McIver. 

And I think it will be a lot of fun to wear.  It is the first pattern in the book and requires over 2000 yards of yarn.  But I know I can do it and I will wear it big time... so that will be my next big project.  I have some other little ones floating around but that is my big one.

I do have some other stuff to share but they too are presents and I want pictures with the receivers before I actually post pictures here.  So they will have to wait.  Specifically Ian's Toss Game, Flower headbands and the 60th Sweater (I know I finished it.)

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely color! This will be such a beautiful project when you're done!

    While I have been unable to ever learn knitting (two left thumbs, apparently) I always admire looking at the work of others!

    Hope your 2012 is filled with more lovely creative endeavors!