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Friday, January 13, 2012

On with the monsters....

I really do like knitting toys.  Unfortunately I have this stupid practical side that says I should not create something that doesn't have a purpose.  (I am working on that.)

So I thought I would share some of the toys I have made recently as gifts... yeah they are gifts, after all this is the year of Creative Giving.

These are the first group of little guys... a tropical bunch with horns to boot.

These are their mortal winged enemies who fight for territory in a bucket.

See they all fit....

Actually this is a bean bag toss game that I made for my nephew... I had hoped to get some pictures of him throwing these at his siblings but he was more interested in opening wrapped presents. 

Then I made a quick little toy for my Chavi girl... because she is awesome and I needed some distraction knitting...

... I would show you more but I think she wants to tell you about her new E.Y.M. (Evil Yarn Monster).

Now on with the parade so that I can finish more stuff.

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