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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A little OWL and then some....

This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can...  

Journal Entry Five A:

I am working on preparing for my OWL. I am going at it again and working on creating a corporeal patronus. I used to be able to. It was beautiful. I was able to get him. Whom am I talking about? Well, you see I have a special patronus. It is also my muse as well as a character in stories I write. He is there to protect me from the boogeyman, the monster under the bed and deamentors. He is T.F. Kit a blue (brilliant blue) mohawked ferret. 

He loves adventure and loves to push me in my creative areas. So to loose my capability to create him as a corporeal patronus has been devastating. Because of my loss of confidence, T.F. Kit, my muse, has been missing as well.

I am practicing Expecto Patromum at every moment I can. Trying to get that perfect thought or feeling. I was not able to do it in the break, maybe I can do it here at Hogwarts, where my distractions are magical not muggle. Where I don't have to hide being a witch.

That is the hardest part about living in the muggle world. I have to hide. I have a muggle family. My mom might be a witch but she keeps it really hidden. It is also harder being a witch in the United States. I was incredibly fortunate to become an exchange student here at Hogwarts. There are a few schools in the United States, there is even one in Michigan, but they wanted an exchange program and so they asked if I would like to go to Hogwarts instead. I thought I could excell here and I have. Seven years and I have learned so much. Now, I need to decide if I am going to continue my education or take time off. I know I want to visit the other houses.

Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, all have things they can teach me, I know they do. But I have been a loyal Gryffindor for so long that it is hard to let go.

I will probably start with Slytherin when I go as an exchange/exchange student. Maybe Hufflepuff, but that might be what the Sorting Hat will determine. I want to wait and do Ravenclaw as the third exchange, because that will be my hardest OWL, and they are the OWL champions, or so I am told. I have successfully completed three OWLs. I am proud of this fact. The other OWL I fail at was also a Care of Magical Creatures OWL. I am beginning to wonder if I am just destined not to work in that field. 

Maybe I can impress the other houses with my Starry Night Swirl Shawl that I did for my Astronomy OWL. It is beautiful. I mastered it with my understanding of the night sky, and showed my love for Vincent VanGogh. My favorite painting of his is the Starry Night.  I know it is the favorite of a lot of people but I don't care.  I still love it.  And I love my shawl, especially wrapping myself up in it, wrapping myself up in the night sky. This makes me want to go and look at the night sky, I think I can sneak up to the astronomy tower without getting caught.

Journal Entry Five B:

It was great I was able to, all wrapped up in my own starry night.  And Peter joined me, nervously, but did join me watching the stars.  But considering he guided me to the other side of the tower, it probably meant Sirius was on the other side, wooing a girl. 
The weather, however, seems to be telling me it soon will be time for my other OWL to be dusted off. My Dr. Gryffindor Scarf. It is wonderfully long and can work like a wrap. I think that is how I need to wear it from now on, like a wrap. It was my first OWL in my first year. Some people don't take on an OWL their first year, what did I do... launch into an OWL, feet first.

Yep there I am all wrapped up in it. I probably should have chosen a different gray and maybe a different yellow but I like it all the same. I transfigured it into a very large and long wrap. I love it, just love it.

I really should make a hat to go along with it. Or maybe a pair of arm warmers. That would be fun. Arm warmers.

Journal Entry Six:

Muggle Studies was my easiest OWL.  I guess it was because I was raised among them I know a lot about Muggle Society.

I, however, made three objects to fit into Muggle society and I am very proud of all of them. The first was a wonderful poncho, in fluffy yarn. But it is the Hooded Scarf that made me proud. I want to redo the scarf itself without the hood. I love the cabling pattern on it. The only part I did not like, DID NOT LIKE, was the pearl nine together. I think it was nine. It was insane. I had to use a size US two needle to hold the stitches as I pearled them together with a US 8. There was no way I was going to be able to pearl that many together. No way. I know that all the things I made were and are loved.

Journal Entry Seven:

I think I am a little homesick. I miss my friends back in Michigan. I even met a couple of witches and wizards. We hung out, had coffee, a very American thing to do and enjoyed our surroundings. I am keeping up with some correspondence with them. But I am still homesick. I realize the weather here is similar to the weather home, one big marsh, but I wish for fluffy snow soon. I know I am crazy, I still want it. I don't really want the cold but I could do with the snow.

*gasp in shock* I guess I am ready for christmas.

I am really ready for Halloween though. SQUEE! (I know I squeed in my journal, there is something very wrong with that.)

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