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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pickpockets and tracking..

 This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can...     

Journal Entry Forty Five:

Mwahahahahahaha! I love wand study. Have I mentioned that? I love it and I love looking at what things are inside. So I did a little more wand study in Herbology again. The cores of wand are unique and the properties of combining cores with wand wood are an amazing thing as well. I know my core will work well with my wand wood. I do actually have a phoenix feather as a core. I know it is actually very rare in the United States to get a true phoenix feather but I did get one in mine and with sequoia wood it makes for a very strong willed and loyal wand. My wand has not failed me and I doubt it every will.

Just like my core of crafting. I hope to come up with really good combinations when I work with wands. Of course I don't really know if that is what I am going to end up going into but I really do enjoy it.

Sometimes however, you have to hide. That is why I like making the Gray Wrapped Wings... it allows me to hide. I love the fact that we covered disillusionment charms in, well, Charms. I have been able to hide multiple things now because of it. 

Actually I have become very proficient with the charm itself.

Even, as necessary, the troupe. I hope I will never totally have to hide them. I don't think they would stay with in the confines of the charm.  Actually they don't.  It is always interesting to try and control the whereabouts of a ferret.  Then multiply that by eight.  Wrangling kittens has nothing on keeping ferrets in check.

A neatly scripted note:


Talk to Lily,

I am sure she has some ideas of how to make yourself more or less noticed. And I am sure things are looking up. I will try and get the necklace from Rei. I am clever that way and she trust me enough to at least let me hold it. I also am a very efficient pickpocket as you well know. I will try and get it to you with in the next week, because I know you need it for the tracking spell.

Be careful. This is a dangerous thing you are doing. And you or Remus could get very very hurt. 

Miss you already.


Journal Entry Forty Six:

I do miss Sayen already too and she just left yesterday. 

And she will always be a little pickpocket in my mind.

I recall how I met her. My family and I were traveling through the west. And we ran into another wizarding family. They had a daughter my age and we just clicked. Until I noticed my bracelet was missing. It was my favorite bracelet, a charm bracelet that had a little bead for different events in my life hanging from it. They were beads that I had made myself and so the bracelet was very very very important to me. I had even put a tracking spell on it so it would eventually return to me or I would find it. 

Well, I did find it, hanging off of Sayen's wrist. 
We had a rather loud argument over it. And it took my mother and her father three hours to disentangle us from the yarn explosion we caused. It was the first sign that we had the 'witch' abilities. We both were ecstatic about it. And basicly became fast friends, once she gave me back my bracelet.
I just hope that Rei does not have that on her necklace I am afraid it might interfere with our tracking spell. I will have to ask Remus about if another tracking spell would or would not interfere with our tracking spell.

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