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Monday, November 5, 2012

An interlude, Letters from home...

This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can...  
Letter One To Mom:
Hiya there. Just managing to keep busy over here. Sorry I haven't written yet. Classes are amazing as always. I think I am finally getting the hang of Potions. I am loving most of my Professors. They are even letting me do some alternative magics. Who knew they were so progressive.
I know you are worried about me but really I am doing a lot better than I was last year. I am getting things done and I am keeping my spirits up very well.
The house elves haven't killed the troupe yet or me for my messy tendencies, of course I have yet to blow up the Potions lab so they have very little to worry about. (no I am not kidding I did that the other year and the house elves boycotted my bed making for a month.)
And before you ask, there is no one special in my life. It is complicated enough with learning magic, living away from home in another country and being away from you guys. I do not need to be adding a significant other into the mix of all that trouble.
Well, I should be going. Give everyone my love and I will see you over the holidays.
P.S. Hopefully the owls are finding you okay. Wizards don't necessarily understand Muggle Post
Letter Two from Mom:
Hi honey,
I am glad to hear you are enjoying yourself so much over there. I hope you are bundling up and staying warm. You know how you can get bronchitis so easily.
I am putting together another care package for you. Should I send it to the Evans' like I did the last time? I just really do not trust Owl Post over the Atlantic with a box that has food in it. And you got the package alright from them last time right?
As for the significant other. I just want you to be happy honey, that is the important thing. But I mean that Remus Lupin was very nice the last time I was over visiting. But that is just me being hopeful, I guess. Of course that Sirius fellow was very dashing as well. I digress, what ever makes you happy.
Anyway, everyone is doing well, including your grandma, blissful as ever. We love you and miss you.
Love mom.

Letter Three to mom
Really mom? Really? Remus is just a friend. And I am happy to keep it that way. As for Sirius Black. No way. N.O. Way. He is a very dashing young man but not my type. A little more arrogant than I would choose, that whole 'I am handsome and know it' attitude. Besides there is someone I like back home, and no I am not telling you who. So, DROP IT!!! (there I put it all in capitals so you will understand.
Yes, Lily said her parents would gladly send a package on to Hogwarts if you wanted to send it to them to get it through the OWL Post. They were happy to do it for you before and they would be happy to do it again. They are a wonderful muggle family who understand how difficult it can be to traverse the ways of the wizarding world. Even though you are an American witch, couple of generations out.
I know my dorm mates and the troupe wait (not so) patiently for your package. (there are several request for your chocolate chip cookies by the way.)
Classes keep going and I am managing to keep things interesting. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, as usual.
Oh have to dash. I love you.

Letter Four from Mom
Dear 'kit,
Chocolate Chip Cookies, check.
String – check
Ferret Toys – check.
I think I need to do a little more shopping. I hope Dumbles is doing well. He always makes me laugh when you come home. I just wish some of the others besides Dumbles and Snapers would come home with you. But I know you say they are Hogwarts ferrets through and through and that getting them to leave the grounds is apparently very difficult. But try. I would love to see Lulu in her tutu and Snitchet zooming around with her wings. I know they make you laugh and keep smiles on your face for more seasons that I can say. Each one of them provides something special I don't know how else to describe it but when you talk about them and love on the two who come home, you glow. You are a little ferret girl. You need to remember that and them.
Don't let the darker side of yourself creep in and cause you pain. They will help keep it away. And so will your friends and family. We love you.
Hearts and more hearts, Big huggles and luvs. Mom.

Letter five to Mom
All the colors of the rainbow can not describe how much your words mean and how much your love is to me. If I could capture them and give them all to you I would. Thank you so much.
P.S. I will see what I can do with the troupe.

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