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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Storms, trees and cookies...

 This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can... 

Journal Entry Eighteen:

Well two more classes down. The troupe as been overly helpful with classes this year. I am not sure why.

Actually I am. But today is a good day and I am focusing on good things right now.

I am hyper excited about Herbology because we are studyng wand lore and the fact that my wand is a rare wood in Britain makes for this to be a fun time for me. I have a sequoia wand. Very American based. It was amazing when I got it. It literally sung in my hands. No it really did, the whole room was filled with music and it seemed to surprise the wand maker as well. And it works great for me... most of the time. Occasionally it is a little finicky and very strong willed but so am I and that allows me to have it do what needs to be done. It very definitely works better in a more natural environment. And even though I am a city-girl this wand works wonders for me.

I actually let the wand sing the spell itself, I like how things turned out.

Charms, however, was a great class. And I was able to come up with a spell to capture the storm that the Professors let loose in the class room utilizing twisters and cyclones.

I did kind of, almost, a little bit, destroy the class room itself. But it is very hard to control a twister, it has a mind of it's own and well, weather magic is very very very hard. At least I kept it contained to the class room.

Packages interlude: 

Package from Mom with letter..

Well 'kit, here is your package. I hope it finds you well and I hope you don't mind I also slipped in some special items I know you like. Socks, a scarf (yes I know you have your Dr. Gryffindor but I don't care I am your mom and I am allowed.) But anyway, I made several batches off cookies so hopefully there is enough for those who want them. Oh I also slipped in your slippers because you forget them at home this year. I know they are your favorite and take you to your own OZ. Just remember you can always click your heels and remember that there is 'no place like home.' Your father slipped in a book that he thought you would like. Hopefully you will have some time to read it. We love you and see you when school is out.
Mom and Dad.
P.S. I know you are thinking about doing some continued education with Hogwarts but maybe you should take a year off get your footing back home. Just a thought, I am sorry I am babbling and miss you. I love you darling.

Journal Entry Nineteen:

You would think the boys would have allowed me more than one cookie. Next time hide the rest of the box before sharing.

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