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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Troupe and friends...

This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can...  
Journal Entry Fifteen B:

Okay maybe I do want Sirius to teach me. I am so sore and I have fur in my ears that I now have to shave out. That is so wrong.

And I am still gliterfied.. *Groan*

Journal Entry Sixteen:

Remus finally asked me about the troupe. I had to laugh. It was so funny how he did it. He does not like making too many waves around me at least but he wanted to know. I know I have told other people before but the boys had never really asked. They had just accepted I had ferrets. They never really counted so when we actually sat down to talk about it I had to tell them.

Each troupe member has a job to help me. I am not totally sure when they showed up. I think, Dumbles and Snapers have been around the whole time supporting me but I can not be really sure. I do know that they really started to come in full force about two years ago. My fifth year.
The Troupe is a band of eight ferrets. Four ferrets representing the Houses, one representing Quidditch and three that represent parts of myself.

First is Sherman. He is a larger ferret, burly, with a redish fox like tint to his fur. He is the Gryffindor ferret. Brave and noble. And a bit reckless. He gets himself into more trouble that I can even say. But I love him. His favorite classes tend to be Tranfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures (though I think he also like DADA but that is just a personal thought.)

Next is Sally. She is a dark brown ferret with a very distinguishing mask, who is the Slytherin ferret. She is also Sherman's best friend. I kid you not they are almost inseparable. She is cunning and crafty and will defend her troupe by what ever means are necessary. She tends to like Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, which is probably one of the reason why Sherman like DADA.

Rowin is my little black eyed white ferret scholar and my Ravenclaw ferret. She is intelligent and clever. She tends to be more cautious than the rest of the troupe. She keeps them, mostly out of trouble until they get her into it. She is very curious, more so than the rest of the troupe, and that is what will get her into more trouble than the others.

Lulu is a light brown badger marked ferret who is the accepting Hufflepuff ferret. Her favorite thing to wear is a pink tutu. I do not know why and I have long since stopped trying to figure it out. I think she would do back flips for a sparkly one. She small but sturdy and loyal. She is also persistent, which can also be interpreted as stubborn. She loves Divination and Charms. Though does have a fascination with Herbology.

Snitchet my tiny (smallest of the troupe) honey golden Quidditch ferret. I still want to know where she got the wings and how she keeps managing to get flying potions or charms or spells of some sort. She is amazingly crafty and energetic. She is my ADOS ferret, Attention Deficient Ooo Shiny. If it is gold and shinny she loves it. I kid you not. Insane about Quidditch and wants to learn how to fly a broom. A ferret on a broom would be something to behold. And I bet she could eventually figure it out. Wrangling her is a full time job in and of itself, but she also minds herself around Dumbles. Dislikes Snapers but will mind him if I tell her to, which is every day otherwise she won't.

Nevi is my chubby dark sable ferret. He has the heart of a lion, though he does not always know it. He stumbled through the first bit but seems to have found his footing. He will defend the troupe with his life and has a strong hate, and it is hate, for snakes. I have found a few carcases around his sleeping area under the bed. He loves Herbology and is amazingly very good at Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Now Snapers is an interesting black ferret who always looks like he is either going to fall asleep on you or just disinterested in everything. This is an incredibly rare trait in ferrets. He, when he does speak...

Oh yeah they do talk. I have a couple of charms set up around the dorm and common room so that people can understand then. Elsewhere in the castle not so much. I try not to disturb the workings of Hogwarts too much and just keeping the charms contained to Gryffindor seemed to be the way to go.

Yes, when he does speak, it is with a very dry sarcastic undertone. And he would never admit this but he loves cuddles by the fire and cups of tea. He is a lover of tea.

Dumbles is my elder silver gray ferret, who somehow manages to wear golden rimed half moon glasses. He is clever and optimistic about live the universe and everything. No he is. He is wise, very wise in my opinion and gets into more trouble than Snitchet when he is determined. He and Snapers are the ferrets who encourage me with my OWLs. Oh and he likes to sleep inside socks, particularly blue ones. He says they are bigger on the inside.

You might ask why I have eight ferret companions instead of one cat, owl or toad, well I am not sure actually but they let me keep all of them. Probably because they would find a way back into the castle even if they were thrown out, sent home or cursed away. They are resourceful and somehow stuck with me at Hogwarts. Each ferret has their thing they do for me. Each baby is special. Only Dumbles and Snapers are allowed to help me with my search for who cursed me, all of the others would spill their furry little bellies for a teaspoon of FerriTone, aka Ferret Crack. *shakes head*

Journal Entry Seventeen:

I feel great about this term. Absolutely great. I am even getting letters from family and friends. And I am progressing in my classes. I am so excited about this year.

Letter Interlude:


Oh how I miss you too. I am constantly wondering about you and what you are up to. You are going to have to give me some details on what classes are like there. Here it is a lot of fundamentals. We have our core classes that we have to take. Potions, Transfiguration, Charms and Herbology. Magical Self Defense is an elective but highly recommended. Flying, Astronomy and Divination are other electives that are offered. Magical Creatures (not Care of) it is a mix of identifying, hunting and caring for them, I am taking that one. It is a lot of fun. I love creatures.

Anyway, Rei misses you lots, she talks about you constantly and is wondering when you will be coming back and if you will be coming to our school next year. I don't think she understands that seven years is generally the top on this level of wizarding.

Oh yeah, I met someone. He is perfect. He sends me flowers and fairies all the time. The house elves are getting sick of cleaning up after him, since he likes to have rose petals drop from the ceiling when ever I enter my dorm.

I don't know if I ever told you about the dorms here. They are lovely. I mean it is always cold, you Michiganders just seem to handle it better than I do. But the view is great. My dorm is in the north wing. I am on the third floor (I think) and we are over looking Lake Superior. The waters always seem to be so clear. I get to watch when storms roll in over the water. Coming from Arizona this is an amazing thing. You really should come and visit here and enjoy what they have to offer.

Maybe you could do a study here and still take some credits over there. (crosses fingers and hopes)
Anyway, I should get back to my homework. Be safe as always.


On a crumpled piece of paper stuck next to the other a very shaky script reads...

'kit, I am scared. Something is following. Shadows are everywhere. They are grabbing at me. I don't want to tell anyone what is going on, but I think someone is after me. I am having bad dreams... it has been a long time since I have had dreams like these. Please... what should I do? I know you are very good at figuring out dreams. Midnight, on Saturday. I will be waiting in our common room. I know you know ways of talking face to face. Please... I will be waiting. ~ Rei.

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