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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kitnapped from the sock drawer?

 This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can...  

Journal Entry Fifty Three C:

It was so fulfilling talking to them. It was like old times. But we seemed to get now where new. Ms. Nicci knew enough about dementors to know that you had to have them give their essence, that you could not take it. I fighting thought that one. That you had to be on reasonable terms with a Dementor... 

A Dee-Men-Tor. 

 How do you even get on reasonable terms with one. That is just insane. INSANE!!! Crazy talk. Of course I am feeling kinda crazy right now too.

Kel, being who she is, knew the star charts well enough to know that the actually were placed about right if we were on earth and the locations probably were wherever the person who did all of this cursing was. I just needed to figure out where they are, generally, at this point in time. And remember where the extra large glowing dots were in correlation to them. Everyone burst out laughing at that.
So finding this person another way was the only way.

Sayen asked about the necklace, of course, and I had to tell her that when Peter went back to look for it, it was gone. Whether it returned to Rei or went somewhere else or was disintegrated he was not sure.

At that point in time Kel asked what happened when Siruis basicly tackled me.

I said I did see something. A face I could not quite make out. It was contorted, in anger and rage. Screaming and, well, in pain. I was not sure if I ever wanted to meet this person, but some how knew I had to. 

She then corrected herself and restated her question. “No. That wasn't what I meant. How did it feel to have Sirius Black save you?” She was grinning the whole time and if I could have thrown a shoe at her I would have. 

 Everyone else chuckled, but it was Ms. Nicci who put it into perspective for them all. “If it had been Remus, she would have had a very different reaction.” 

 At that point in time, I decided to end our little chat. Because no more discussion of the real problem was going to happen and I was beginning to feel tired.

And I probably would be asleep right now if I had not run into Remus on the stairs.

I asked him about his and James' detention. “Clean the room. And do potions clean up for a month.”
I cringed and apologized profusely saying that I could go talk to the headmaster and tell him it was my fault. Remus put his hands on my shoulders, (oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.) and told me that he and James did the right thing and me having detention or being expelled was not going to happen. 

“Expe...” Remus put his hand over my mouth, because I about yelled that. “Shhh... it is okay 'kit.” He took his hand off of my mouth and I just kept my mouth clamped shut. (my brain just turned to jello) 

“The Headmaster thought it would be best that we were not expelled that we had learned our lesson and the punishment was fitting the mistake.” He gave a little smile at this point. (Heart melt, goo.) “And no one was hurt.” (I so owe them something.) “So I am going to bed, you should too. Otherwise Sirius might kick you there himself.” 

 He started to turn to go up but stopped and looked at me. “Sirius said you felt like you might have lost some weight. Are you feeling okay?” He had made it a query and I knew better than to get into it right then. So I told him not tonight … and I am finally getting sleeping. So much to do so little time to do it in.

Journal Entry Fifty Four A:

I can not seem to find Dumbles. That makes me really nervous. He was not in his usual spot this morning and he has not been in or around any of my classes today. I think I am going to go sit in the common room and see if he comes around.

Journal Entry Fifty Four B:

He has not shown up all day and I haven't seen Snapers either. 

No, no no no no. I will not loose them. James gave me an idea to look in the sock drawers when he saw me looking for Dumbles in the common room but he is in none of them. I think I would hear about it if he turned up in some other sock drawer right. I have looked under the beds around in hidden corners. I have looked up on book shelves and in the coal bucket. But nothing. 

(that was a fun bath day when the troupe discovered the coal bucket.  I am fortunate Rowin does not like it but Dumbles... he is a light silver gray and he loves, and I mean loves, the coal bucket.)

 I know the boys are concerned. They call Dumbles my rock. And, well, he is. He is my stabilizer. 

Nevi is concerned. So concerned he has started his own little search party, in a way. I think he might be my plant whisperer. I think he can communicate with plants. He seems to be talking to them. Telling them to look out for Snapers and Dumbles. He has not told me anything yet, but we are still looking. 

I keep looking in the sock draw just hoping I missed him. He likes socks. He drags them off and under the bed, creating a little nest for himself. It is beautiful.

Journal Entry Fifty Five:

I know it has only been two days but it feels like more. How can you put a time on missing family. They are my family.

Of all the people Siruis has been the most supportive. I know that James, Remus and Peter but it was Sirius who seemed the most concerned. He was right there and actually looked in a few sock drawers of his dorm mates. So I finally asked him about the other night. The night I fell asleep next to him. I asked him what I told him.

He sighed. “You were so depressed 'kit. I was worried you were going to do something to hurt yourself. And then you talked about how you always seem to fail and I thought about last year and everything you went through and that we did not really believe you until so late in the year. I mean if we had figured it out sooner it would not have been so bad. You would have been in a better place. Able to take on your shadow self and she would not have had the power she did.” He ran his hand through his hair at this time. “So, I knew you needed a friend. And well, no one else was there. I was not going to let you walk away. That and you crumpled to the floor. It took me five minuets to get you to the couch. And I am very lucky I am on very good terms with the kitchen elves because they got hot coco and honey toast right away. I do not ever want to see you like you were at the end of last year. You were so thin and pale and... well, weak. There was one point in the fight with your shadow self I thought she was going to drain the life out of you. You could not seem to breath.” 

 I saw for only the second time in my life concern from him. 

“That is why I told Remus about how light you were when I tackled you. He told me that you wouldn't talk about it, I did not mean to cause any problems between the two of you.  I just...” I cut him off at that point. I told him it was okay. That I had not been eating well the last couple of weeks and I showed him a plate full of snacks and he accepted that. Right before we went our separate ways he said another sweet thing. “We will find them both and everything will be fine.” I smiled and hoped for the best too.

Journal Entry Fifty Six:

Okay, Sirius has definitely moved up on the friends list. I know I know I shouldn't say things like that. But he brought me a peppermint mocha. I did not think the house elves could make those. I am wondering how he pulled it off, who he had to bribe and how in the universe he got coffee into Hogwarts. 

Mmmmm peppermint mocha. 

Now I am hyperly on caffeine and going like gangbusters. But I am still worried about my little boys. I have not found any evidence that they are anywhere in the Gryffindor Tower. No where. I even had Ms. Nicci check the Slytherine Dungeon. 


I am trying not to freak out. (the mocha is helping yes, in a way.... too much caffeine could be bad... really bad.)

Random thought... why is Sirius being so caring? I mean yes I asked him and he told me what we talked about when I had my little breakdown the other night but really... why would he help me? I am not one of his boys. I am not some pretty girl he wants to have a massive make out session with. I am just plain old me. Just me... 'kit. I do not understand him. Not at all.

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