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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fears continue...

 This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can...   

Journal Entry Thirty One:

Well, I decided to approach James and Peter myself. They were sitting in a spare class room doing some studding and spell work when I came in and sat down next to them. I non-chalantly told them I had already looked in that section of the library and that they should try over to the left of that bookshelf because I was working the right.

Peter's face was priceless, (apparently he had not seen me) but James was non-plus. He just nodded and told me that he would make sure that they did that and that he would get Remus' recommendation on what to look for next time too. I simply nodded at that then queried about Sirius. At that James snorted. “He is my best friend but I don't think he understands the gravity of the situation you are in.”
I gave him a heavy and sad smile. “I don't think I understand it James.” And I then got up and left them to their work.
The thing is I do not know what I am getting into or what I am have gotten into or what I might have to get myself out of or what I did get out of. I am worried all the time about the people around me and I don't think I can protect them. My friends my family my ferrets, everyone is at risk around me.

And I am worn out. Lulu is doing better but I am still worn out. She wants to play but very definitely gets tired fast. Dumbles and Snapers are sitting with her the most and that is good. Maybe I will see about taking them for a walk around the castle tomorrow. I am sure they will like that.

A letter in between...

Hey Sis,

I know I am actually writing you. But it is important. As an older brother I need to say these things.
It is my understanding that you are hanging out with these trouble maker boys now. Don't deny it. They are trouble makers and you know it. I just want to make sure they know you have an older brother and that he will kick their tails from her until eternity if any of them hurt you.
I might just be a muggle but I know people and we are from Michigan, bodies have been lost in Michigan, so who knows what I would do to someone if you were hurt in anyway.

They are to treat you with respect. They need to understand that.

Well, I will see you when you get back.

Your bro.

Journal Entry Thirty Two a:

I love my brother. I know the boys would turn him into a weasel or a toad or something but I love the fact that he would defend my honor. We are blood and that is what is important. Because if they turn him into anything, I would have to retaliate and no one wants that. A troupe of eight ferrets heading for pant legs.... that is an image I love. You know they would probably turn my bro into a fish.

Journal Entry Thirty Two b:

I have never actually seen Sirius laugh so hard in his life. Not at my brother but at Peter.
I read the four of them my brother's letter. And I thought Peter was going to pass out at the statement about Michigan and bodies being lost there. 
“Really?” He said in terror. “You could loose a body in the woods there?”
“Or the lakes.” I stated back. 
“LAKES?” His eyes got the size of saucers at this point in time. “THE BIG ONES?” His voice probably could have nearly broken glass and Sirius could not hold it in any more. He just started to laugh. It took him a good five minuets to catch his breath.

Journal Entry Thirty Three:
Lulu loved the walk. Well, the carry. I did not quite trust her walking around in the cold right now. Her lungs are sounding good and she has gained some of her weight back.

James, Peter and Sirius are helping me look in the library again tonight. We think we found a book that might have a spell to track down this particular curse or something similar. Remus said he would help translate it because it is in an older form of Slavic. I know enough about spell words to know that it is a dementor trackers spell. Whether or not we can use it to track this particular curse and who cast it I am not totally sure.

A note attached to the page written in a scrawling penmanship...


Directly under the note~  

Journal Entry Thirty Four a:

I need to contact 'gail. We are going tonight to the library but I am worried, especially with this note that was just delivered to me. The poor owl looked like he had been through a tornado to get to me with it. After the library I will see about contacting 'gail.

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