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Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh noes....

 This is my NANO (national novel writing month) so grammar is on the back burner more so then ever.  I am checking spelling but that does not mean I won't miss something... read if you want and enjoy if you can...    
Journal Entry Twenty Eight a:

I am panicking. Lulu is sick. Really sick. She is not eating. She is ignoring her ferrietone. I can not loose her. I can not loose any one of my little ones. They are my everything. They keep me sane. Absolutely sane.

Journal Entry Twenty Eight b:

I took her to her doctor. He gave her some medicine. Or rather gave it to me to give to her. She gets it twice a day for two weeks. I know I should not worry but I am. I know I should be focusing on classes but I don't know how I am going to do that caring for her. Classes can wait. Lulu can not.

Journal Entry Twenty Nine a:

'gail contacted me through the floo network. She let me know that Rei does seem to have a shadow about her, but doesn't know if there is something that is being carried around at all times. This is frustrating. I am almost ready to go back home. This is getting harder and harder to follow through here. How am I suppose to help my friends here and help Rei, who is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. I mean it is an ocean for crimanies sake.

I am starting to send her information that I am finding in the books that I am reading at night in the restricted section of the library. I don't know what else to do. I can't leave school, even though that is what 'gail wants me to do. Rei... I don't know what Rei wants. I know that she is scared and in some pain.

It was painful, everyday aching. How is she going to get beyond that if I can not find out who came after us? I am not sure I have gotten past it.

I need to go back to the library tonight. Maybe I can get Sirius or Peter to come with me. Peter would be better focused once there but getting him there. Sirius getting him there would be easy, keeping him focused... well, that is always a bit more difficult.

I just don't know anymore what to do. I am so frustrated.

Journal Entry Twenty Nine b:

Well, apparently James can get in without anyone seeing him. That is a touch disturbing to me. He had Peter help him because I saw Peter, well as a rat, go through the bars then change back and open the door from the inside lock. I hid away and when I looked again there was James and Peter looking at book spines. I knew that if I approached them Peter would scream and it would all be over.

Fortunately or unfortunately, someone came in the library at that time and we all scattered. I shifted to my ferret form and scampered on out of there. I think Peter saw me but I am not sure. I suppose I will find out when Remus comes to talk to me next.

I should tell them I already looked through the books in that part of the restricted section.

Journal Entry Thirty:

Lulu is doing a lot better. She is dancing around the tower like she was the queen of the world. I love it when my babies are well. I do not know what I would do if I lost one.

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